Byram Hills Round Robin

2018 — NY/US
Subject Pods Rank-Ordering + Judges
Sender Zach Frieden
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Sent Wednesday 29 August 2018 at 4:22 PM
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Hey Folks!

We're very excited to have everyone for the Round Robin in less than two weeks! The RR will take place at the Byram Hills High School (as in the past) at 12 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504. Please make sure to arrive by 8am and make sure to bring some sort of ID as per school policy (Driver License/school ID is fine). Please also let me know who will be attending with you as I'm required to provide a list of all attendees to the school. I'll send out more arrival details closer to the tournament. 


Drumroll please...the field is listed below:

Newark Science - Osmane Sanogo

Newark Science - Simone Braithwaite

Success Academy - Tajaih Robinson

Harrison - Ava Zinman

Harrison - Ethan Voskoff

Hunter College - Michael Ning

Millburn - Arthur Wayne

Scarsdale - Will Mussoff


Please send me a ranking ( from these entries, excluding yourself and teammates, as soon as you can but by this Friday 8/31 at the latest.

This is also a reminder that judge names are due tomorrow - please let me know if you'll need some more time.


Thanks so much and so excited to host everyone!



All Registrants of Byram Hills Round Robin