Sheridan Yellowjacket Tournament

2018 — Sheridan, AR/US
Subject: Tournament Update
Sender Twyla Evans
Recipients All Registrants of Sheridan Yellowjacket Tournament
Date 27 September 2018 10:01 PM

Text of message:

Happy Tournament Eve!  

I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on the happenings with our tournament before you all arrive.  

First, thank you for your patience while I (and by I, I mean myself and every other coach I consulted with to teach me how to use TabRoom!) worked to organize this tournament.  I am sure there are others that can complete tournament setup much quicker, but it was a learning process for sure.

There is construction going on at the front of our building.  Buses will be able to park in front of the student center and McKenzie Hall.  Registration will be in the student center.  Tab Room and all events accept Congress will be held on the second floor.  Draw will be located on the second floor, as well.  The student center will be the prep area for all debaters.  It is also near the concession stand.  

The concession stand will have light breakfast items (read donuts), as well as your typical concession staples.  We will be offering hot dogs for sale starting at 11:00.  

The hospitality room will be available for all coaches, drivers, and judges.  We will have breakfast items available for you.  As well as nachos and taco salads for lunch and snacks for the afternoon.  

Please note that all doors will remain locked throughout the duration of the tournament.  Please advise your students to not prop open doors during the tournament.  With construction going on, student safety is most important.

Congress will be divided into two rooms.  We will have one prelim round, and one Super Session round.

The prelims for all debate events will be posted tonight.  I have worked diligently to get as much ready before Saturday as possible.  Please let me know if something needs to be corrected so I can make those changes Friday night.

One final thing, judges will not be looking for visual aides during Informative Speaking events.  Your students are welcome to bring them, but they will not be required (per NSDA rules).  Since this is one of the first tournaments for many of us, we want to encourage new participants that may not have visuals ready just yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

All Registrants of Sheridan Yellowjacket Tournament