Cal Invitational UC Berkeley

2019 — Berkeley, CA/US
Subject What to do if there is a problem
Sender Jonah Feldman
Recipients All Registrants of Cal Invitational UC Berkeley
Sent Thursday 14 February 2019 at 2:14 PM
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This is important information, please make sure you share with your students, coaches, and judges.

Inevitably during the tournament there will be some issues. Rooms will be locked, judges or competitors won't show up, and there may be a debate still going on in the round where you are scheduled. When any of those problems happen fill out this form right away: We will have staff members monitoring the forms at all times to respond to your issue as soon as possible

Any non-emergency safety concerns should be immediately communicated to me at If it's an emergency then call 911 instead 

All Registrants of Cal Invitational UC Berkeley