Cal Invitational UC Berkeley

2019 — Berkeley, CA/US
Subject Extemp Topic Areas
Sender Jonah Feldman
Recipients All Registrants of Cal Invitational UC Berkeley
Sent Thursday 14 February 2019 at 12:19 PM
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Here’s the list of topic areas along with clarifications on them, and a couple FAQs
Rd. 1 Hypothetical US Foreign Policy [Questions will involve situations THAT HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET. Draw on empirical examples to predict outcomes for these questions, the future is your’s! ]

Rd. 2 International Economics, Crisis Management Style. [There are a lot of economic problems in this world –  go fix ’em.] 

Rd. 3 International Indigenous Issues [Central actors in the questions are Indigenous Peoples, no country or issue is off limits.] 

Quarters: King for a Day (Hypothetically Speaking) [Questions will challenge extempers to answer from the perspective of a current president, prime minister, UN secretary general, etc. Questions will refrain from primarily economic queries, because of the round 2 topic area. Absolutely anything else is fair game.]
Sems: International Bright Spots [There are positive developments happening around the world, tell us what’s in store.] 

Finals: Wild Card Triads. [There will be at least 3 actors in each question. Actors can be a country’s internationally recognized government, international organization, rebel group, major company, or anything else of equivalent significance. It’s gonna be a blast.] 
A couple notes:
1) We are using the NSDA’s pilot rules for internet prep. This does NOT mean that we will be tech support if you can’t connect, nor will extra time be given to anyone because of an internet connection issue. Scores will not be adjusted if someone can’t connect (especially since this is impossible to verify). You should already have substantial files going into the round, your lack of preparation is neither tab’s nor the prep  proctor’s problem.
2) There have been complaints in previous years about a relative dearth of domestic questions. Topic area selection takes into account the reality that the US is one country out of the whole wide world. Considering that, topics already give the US a disproportionate amount of attention.
3) Please don’t leave laptops or other valuables in the prep room, the proctor will not camp out in VLSB 2050 for the entire 3 days.


All Registrants of Cal Invitational UC Berkeley