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2019 — Berkeley, CA/US
Subject New location for Public Forum! Cal Football Stadium
Sender Jonah Feldman
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Sent Thursday 14 February 2019 at 10:42 AM
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In our ongoing effort to ensure that waitlists are kept to a minimum we are always on the lookout for new locations on campus that we can utilize. This year we've added a large meeting hall called the Field Club in the Cal football stadium! (its inside not on the field). It's a really nice space and a very unique and cool location, but requires a little bit of direction so please pass on these instructions to your judges, coach's and students. It will exclusively be used by Public Forum, mostly JV PF. Since that space won't have to share the location with other events and we can cycle debates throughout the day there we will be triple flighting some debates (the third flight will have a different judge), so debaters and judges please make sure you are looking closely when you get the pairings to see if you are in flight 1, 2, or 3 if you are in the field club.


The easiest way to find the entrance is to enter "Oski Statue" as a location on google maps which is on Piedmont Avenue on the east side of campus. Walk up the Haas Grand Staircase which is next to this statue of a Golden Bear (staircase featured in the left of the photo) turn immediately right once you reach the top and go through Gate 2. Keep going forward around the perimeter of the stadium, after passing the Koret Visitor Center, you'll approach arches with "Hall of Fame" on their front, go through the doors behind/under those arches and the field club is the room to the right. There will be staff at the field club to assist you.

All Registrants of Cal Invitational UC Berkeley