Washburn Rural Debate Invitational

2018 — Topeka, KS/US
Subject Washburn Rural Invitational: Varsity Division Entries and Judge Obligations
Sender Steven Davis
Recipients All Registrants of Washburn Rural Debate Invitational
Sent Monday 27 August 2018 at 11:00 AM
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If you are entering the Varsity / DCI division of the upcoming Washburn Rural Invitational, please remember the following:

1. All schools must provide the name of the coach (preferably the Head Coach if he/she will be in attendance) that will judge the second round. This is the traditional "Coach Judge" during the tournament.

2. If you requested 4 teams in the Varsity / DCI division, remember that you need to list a judge that will be available for all 6 preliminary rounds. You may list 2 or more possible judges to share this 6 round obligation.

3. If you anticipate providing "extra" judges that would assist us in the Varsity / DCI division, please provide that information as soon as convenient.

4. And YES, some of you have already provided this information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Steven Davis

for Cindy Burgett and Tim Ellis

All Registrants of Washburn Rural Debate Invitational