JW Patterson Invitational

2018 — Oklahoma City, OK/US
Subject Reminders--Registration at Hotel vs Online
Sender Bryan Gaston
Recipients All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational
Sent Thursday 18 October 2018 at 9:01 AM
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Hello, everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing you all in OKC this weekend. The weather looks good, there is no rain in the forecast as of this morning and we will have lows in the 40's and highs in the mid to upper 60's.

2 options for registration, please read this if you want to get free lunch this weekend.

1. On-site online confirmation via tabroom Friday evening no in-person registration needed--if you have paid already or spoken to me about your PO/check. 

However we are using meal tickets for lunch on the food trucks and you need to collect and distribute those to your team, you can pick up your meal tickets at registration on Friday.  If you do not show up at in-person registration you will need to come by the tabroom Saturday morning and pick up your meal tickets.  If you only have LD/PF/Novice CX your meal tickets will be at the Casady tabroom with Mr. Snider if you have varsity policy debaters your meal tickets will be at the Herigate Hall tabroom with Mr. Gaston. 


2. In person registration at the tournament hotel 6-10pm Friday evening, you can pay and pick up your team meal tickets.

3.  We will have an information packet on tabroom.com for you download with some useful things like wifi information, and the locations of things on each campus.  That will be up later tonight or early Friday morning. 




All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational