JW Patterson Invitational

2018 — Oklahoma City, OK/US
Subject Final Reminders-Plus Food Update
Sender Bryan Gaston
Recipients All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational
Sent Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 9:50 AM
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Just a few final reminders as I adjusted some deadlines by request:

1.  11:00* AM TODAY is the deadline to ADD entries.

2.  4:00* PM TODAY is the deadline to add your judges (you will pay judge fees for obligations not met)

3. 5:00* PM TODAY is the fee freeze deadline (any drops will result in a drop fee, hired judge payments are locked in)

4.  Later today/tonight I will have detailed lunch information (including the specific food trucks attending the event), look for that on the tournament website.  Each head coach, judge, and competitors will be issued tickets that are worth $8 on the food trucks.  You are free to buy more food if you want, the trucks will also have credit card and cash payment available for those who cannot resist a 2nd lunch.....or late brunch.....or afternoon snack....whatever you want to call it to justify more food. 

Take care,

*Central Time

All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational