JW Patterson Invitational

2018 — Oklahoma City, OK/US
Subject JW Patt Reminders
Sender Bryan Gaston
Recipients All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational
Sent Monday 1 October 2018 at 12:46 PM
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Just some reminders:

1. Last day to add new entries is Oct. 8th 4:00 PM.

2. We need your judged added if you have not done that already.  The LAST DAY to add judges is Oct. 9th at noon central time.  I need to hire judges but I only want to hire judges I actually need so I need that firm date to get my hired judge situation sorted out.  Please add your judges soon.

3.  Fees will be frozen Oct. 9th at 6 PM, notice that is after the judge add deadline.  Whatever you own after fees are frozen is what you will owe.

4. If you want your kids to compete, be prepared to pay ahead of time via mail (a few have been recorded already), at registration, or if you are an Oklahoma school you should have a PO copy to email or show me at registration.  We have had at least one school every year short us on payment and I really cannot allow that to continue.  If you have a specific issue or concern regarding payment please contact me directly about it.

5.  Coaches, judges, and students will all receive tickets to use at the food trucks for lunch.  Each ticket is worth $8 on the food trucks.  The trucks are designing the menu to work in that price range.  You may purchase more food for lunch if you prefer but you should be able to fill up on the provided ticket.  I'm excited about the food truck line up this year---we have some great options. 


See everyone in OKC in a few weeks!

All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational