JW Patterson Invitational

2018 — Oklahoma City, OK/US
Subject Doug Duke Award at the JW Patterson Invitational
Sender Bryan Gaston
Recipients All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational
Sent Friday 7 September 2018 at 11:48 AM
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Just a friendly reminder that we award the Doug Duke Outstanding Debate Coach award each year to a deserving coach attending the JW Patterson Invitational.  The description of the award is on the tabroom website, so please let your students know where it is so they can read the description.  Students, former students, and other coaches can nominate someone for the award.  It is a very special award for the Oklahoma debate community and we love presenting it every year.  The award is personalized so we like to have a winner selected a few weeks ahead of time.  Also, the previous years' winner has the varsity policy division named after them in the following year.    

Please send nominations to me: bgaston@heritagehall.com

All Registrants of JW Patterson Invitational