Shahina Chatur Paradigm

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Put me on the email chain:

Colleyville 21 (literally half of the vcx team). I'm usually the 1A/2N. If you have any specific questions before the round, ask me!!

I'm usually judging policy and occasionally World Schools. If I end up judging LD, you can probably just refer to my paradigm. For PF / WSD refer to this one, but please send me your evidence if I'm judging pf. (ask me any questions you have about this)

tl;dr: I'm good with whatever you want to run, just make sure you explain them well enough so I know what's being run and why it should matter.

have fun!! you're going to miss this next year :(

** Specifics **

Tech > Truth


Go for it. I NEED impact calc! Do the risks matter? Do they outweigh the aff's impacts? I don’t know, you tell me


These are great, but you NEED to explain why it solves better than the plan. Don't just say "cOuNtEr pLaN sOLvEs" and expect me to vote on it. Same thing with perms too; tell me why the cp can or cannot be passed with the plan.


Ks are Fun. I like hearing why I should reject the idealism of the status quo. I've read most of the general K lit, and have a general idea as to what the main idea is, but I have debated more fem and psychoanalysis (Freud and McGowan) lit in my past 3 years of debate. This shouldn't stop you from running the K that you were planning to. That being said, don't just assume I know EVERYTHING about the philosophies of Nietzsche or Bataille. Explain the idea behind the K and how that should apply to the round. PLEASE give me reasons why the alt solves better than the plan and why it matters


I LOVE good T debates. I hate bad T debates. I need to know why the other team violates and why that hurts you in the round, not some wack reason like "their interp makes the round less fun”.

** Misc **


I start out at a 27 and work my way from there. You probably won't be getting anything lower than a 25, unless you're rude in round.

If you can make me laugh I’ll bump your speaks... Any jokes about Judy Zhu, Alex Lee, Katelynne Shadman or any Colleyville kids will result in +.5 speaker point. I’m also cool with sarcasm/shade when appropriate, just don't be rude :)

Being a jerk to your opponents will be rewarded with really low speaks (as said before)... Saying really stupid things like racism good, sexism good, genocide good, etc. will be rewarded with FAT L


Speed is fine. Just be clear enough with tags so I can flow them. If you try spreading and I can't understand you, it'll be a big oof. I took this part from Huston's paradigm but, "if you are not clear, I will tell you so. If I have to tell you more than once, I will give much less weight to the argument than you wish me to do so."... Just do whatever you're comfortable with


I'm good with open cx, but don’t take advantage of that... I mean don't answer all the questions for your partner -- but if you need help, asking your partner to take a question isn’t the end of the world. I will flow cross-x, You still need to bring up things that happen in CX like normal arguments


Uhh...Okay, obviously you should be the one giving the speech, and I’m only going to flow what you say -- if it's directional prompting (i.e. 'don't read that' or 'move on to ___'), then I'm good :)


Please don't be like my novices and forget to time your speech/cx/prep; it's really sad when I look up from my flow and figure out they've been giving a 1AC for 10 minutes (I promise they don't do that anymore)

lol if you count down from 10 to start your speech I'll laugh, but it's fine; my novices did that too. (I don't condone counting down)

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational 2/1/2019 NCX R4 Trinity BG Crossings Christian CD Neg
Coppell Cowboy Classic 1/18/2019 NCX Semis Hebron KD Coppell 9th KS Aff Neg on a 2-1
Coppell Cowboy Classic 1/18/2019 NCX Quarte Coppell 9th KS Greenhill WS Aff
Coppell Cowboy Classic 1/18/2019 NCX R3 Jesuit MJ Neg
Coppell Cowboy Classic 1/18/2019 NCX R2 Greenhill WS Dallas Highland Park AR Aff