Jayant Namdhari Paradigm

Last changed 9 June 2021 4:48 PM CDT


I don't think you should worry about reading this too closely, i'll evaluate anything and evaluate arguments however you tell me to in round. These are just my preferences/defaults as to what I believe is good for debate.

ONE EXCEPTION -- do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, or violent in anyway, debate might be a game with rules but behaviors and practices that outright lead to mental health issues, harm the people in debate, or outright make participation in debate exclusive to a privileged set of individuals should not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to things like saying racially or sexually motivated slurs, forcing individuals to out themselves, refusing to acknowledge someone's identity, etc.

Line-by-Line > Embedded Clash

Defense has to be extended through speeches

2nd rebuttal needs to frontline everything, not just offense.

Paraphrasing is bad

Disclosure is good

Weighing is never new but earlier is better

Extensions shouldn't be more than like 10 seconds -- j explain stuff on the lbl.

New offense past rebuttal is probably not a good idea.

RVIs, Competing Interpretations, DtD

PF: A link turn is not offense. You need to win uniqueness. lol

^These are 100% negotiable just make args one way or the other. Winning the uqs debate to get offense from a link turn is prolly just true tho.


K Affs vs FW

- Been on both sides -- love this

- CI's are good to have --provide uqs for an impact turn

- Explain the terminal impact to fairness/clash in the 2n.

- TVA/SSD to resolve some offense is good -not needed

- Presumption 2nrs are fun


- good for larp v k

- bad for k v k (will end up voting on the perm 99%)

- lbl > long o/v's

- Framework CI = you don't need an alt unless the aff says you do

- Alts that result in the aff are fine absent a 1ar warrant why they aren't

- Only understand Moten/Harney, Warren (never read this in round), and a little bit of Baudrillard -- explanation is good.

- All the interactions that people consider k tricks should be implicated in the 1nc or else 2ar answers are justified (not really tricky args if the 2ar gets to respond lol)


- Like this a lot

- UQS prolly controls link direction

- all cp theory can be dtd granted a warrant

- hate reading cards -- tell em if i should/will only red if ev spin becomes miscutting

- defense is underrated and can def be terminal if implicated as such

- solves case explanation can be new in the 2nr as long as it was in 1nc evidence

- perm shields the link/cp links to nb -- explain these args to me! i'm not v smart/takes me time


- Haven't read anything besides util/Kant -- think it's hella interesting doe if that counts for anything

- Weighing is important, spend more time explaining your syllogism and why that excludes theirs.

- TJF's prolly o/w and are the move if I'm in the back

- weird complex phil mandates weird complex explanation


- Like this

- Weigh between standards

- low threshold to vote on rvis -- still need to justify them and w/e

- reasonability should be explained (brightlines for example)


- will vote on these as long they are implicated fully in the speech they are read

- I can't flow for my life so like try and slow down a lil

Evidence Ethics

- did pf for 2 years, cut cards weren't a thing, people paraphrased, the average card was shorter than T definitions, and evidence was sent via url's + ctrl F -- in other words i really don't care at all

- j don't get caught ig

- if staking the round, that should happen the moment the violation is called out. -- don't read a shell and debate it out until the 2ar and then decide you wanna stake the round instead

(i.e: Miscut 1AC ev means you should stake the round immediately after you see it BUT at the very latest after 1nc cross)


- I'm cool w/post rounding -- not cool w/aggressive or toxic post rounding

- I am awfully new to LD (Started at strake my junior year) so clear judge instruction is really helpful

- in an effort to avoid misgendering -- I default to avoiding using pronouns at all (refer to people by name) so if it sounds really weird when i j say your name over and over again I'm sorry -- if it makes anyone uncomfortable j lmk and I'll fix it.

- Will disclose speaks, j ask

- Hate it when people steal prep (rip speaks)

- hate unclear signposting (rip speaks x2)

- Record your speeches incase audio cuts out

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Potomac Spring Championships HS 2021-05-01 PFN R4 Potoma YR Potoma BM Neg
Potomac Spring Championships HS 2021-05-01 PFN R3 Potoma EY Potoma AK Aff
The Debate Group PF Holiday Invitational HS 2021-01-01 PF Finals Murphy Independent AW Trix Debaters IR Aff Aff 12-1
The Debate Group PF Holiday Invitational HS 2021-01-01 PF R5 Debater academy AM Connecticut HS of Extreme Academic Excellence KS Aff
The Debate Group PF Holiday Invitational HS 2021-01-01 PF R2 Diamond Rogers CW E.D GK Aff
The Online Summer Open HS 2020-06-12 PF R4 Tokugawa Shogunate SK Lorax U GG Aff
The Online Summer Open HS 2020-06-12 PF R1 Monta Vista TL Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas AV Neg
The Online Summer Open HS 2020-06-12 PF R1 Individual Entry CW Monta Vista WS Neg
Freshman Deathmatch Round Robin HS 2020-05-29 PF R6 trix r for kids AR CloCloud International SR Neg
Freshman Deathmatch Round Robin HS 2020-05-29 PF R5 Great Neck WC BASIS Strakingston AD Neg
Plastic TOC PF Invitational ONLINE HS 2020-04-24 PF R1 Yandhi MV