Kueyoung Kim Paradigm

Last changed 11 February 2021 2:25 PM EDT

Online Debate: Please turn your camera on for speeches (if possible). I don't care if you have your cams off when you're not talking.

Decorum: Be kind and respectful. I will immediately drop teams for any racist, sexist, homophobic, and other discriminatory actions.

Content Warnings: If you are reading a case regarding sexual assault, human trafficking, mental health, etc. you must have a content warning before the round starts and provide your phone number for anonymous contact. Failing to do so will cause me to drop you.


Tech vs Truth: I am tech over truth unless you make arguments that are racist/homophobic/ableist/etc..

Evidence: Warranting every argument is the easiest way to win my ballot. I don't care that Mark 18 tells you that the world will explode in 5 years due to gun control unless you explain to me logically why that card makes sense. In a similar vein, if you contest evidence you must explain why I should prefer your evidence logically, don't just tell me "X card is more recent so prefer it."

Speed: I would prefer you speak at a reasonable pace (~250 wpm), but if you go fast (300+ wpm) I would like a copy of your case so I can follow along (I also expect you and your opponent to exchange cases for fairness). If you spread, slow for tags and warrant.

Off-Time Roadmaps: Don't care if you do it or not, you don't need to ask me.

Weighing: Weighing should start early in the round. I appreciate metaweighing and framing debate (ex. I like structural violence framing).

Summary/FF: Extend warrants over cards. If you tell me to extend a specific card without explaining 1) what that card is and 2) the logic of how that supports your argument I probably won't evaluate it since there's a good chance I'll have no clue what you're talking about. Frontlining in 2nd rebuttal and 1st summary. Absolutely no new arguments after 1st summary!

Theory: I'll evaluate it, but I generally dislike theory unless it's extremely obvious your opponent made a huge abuse.

K: K is fine with me, but make sure you explain thoroughly if it's a more niche K. I will not vote on K if you are using it to get an easy win against a team that has no clue what you're talking about (I'll still vote on your other arguments, but if the K is the only offence you have you will end up losing).

Disclosure: I will disclose as long as the tournament allows me to.

Evidence: If a specific piece of evidence is highly contested throughout the round, I will call for it and make a decision off of what I see. Paraphrased evidence makes me sad so please don't do it.

Speaker Points: I give speaks starting from 28. You will get <28 for being excessively rude, sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, etc.

Timing: Time yourself. I'm pretty bad at remembering to set my timer. Do not hold your timer up during your opponent's speech if they go over time, it's pretty obnoxious.


Email: kueyoungkim@gmail.com

I'm not an LD debater, so all the morality stuff is foreign to me. I have a general understanding of value/criterion debate, but please try to explain all the morality framing you bring up. K/T/Theory is fine, I will vote off of an RVI. No spikes or tricks.


Email: kueyoungkim@gmail.com

General: I have a basic understanding of Policy and should be able to follow most basic arguments (will vote on pretty much anything). Just explain everything to me thoroughly and I'm happy.

DA: I prefer good DA debate over K/T/etc.

K: I'm not super familiar with a lot of K literature so explain it thoroughly. Aff K/Planless affs are fine by me but you should have a really clear explanation why I should vote for you/why it's necessary.

Spreading: Slow for tags and warrant when spreading. Off-time roadmaps are a must.

Spikes/Tricks: I won't vote on any spikes or tricks.

Performative cases: Make sure you explain framework well.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
La Salle Forum Invitational 2020 HS 2020-12-10 JVPF R4 JR Masterman MS Pittsburgh Central Catholic ES Con
La Salle Forum Invitational 2020 HS 2020-12-10 NPF R2 Unionville KG Southern Lehigh SaSh Pro
La Salle Forum Invitational 2020 HS 2020-12-10 JVPF R1 Harriton LS JR Masterman SC Con
La Salle Forum Invitational 2020 HS 2020-12-10 BT R1 Ballot Test BD Ballot Test BS Aff Aff 49-32
William Tennent Invitational HS 2020-11-06 JVPF R4 Downingtown STEM MD CR North FI Con
William Tennent Invitational HS 2020-11-06 JVPF R2 Delbarton NG CR North RU Pro