Addison Schlatter Paradigm

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Blue Valley North 2013-2017

I haven't debated in a long time, and I don't know anything about this years topic so ~please~ keep that in mind.

General: For the most part I prefer if I can articulate what you're actually saying, but as long as I can understand the tags you're probably fine. If you go faster than I can understand I can't guarantee everything will make it on the flow, so especially make sure to emphasize arguments that aren't in speech docs or are particularly important/ you think should decide the round. I think the way you treat your opponents and partner in round is way more important than the fake arguments you're making, if you're rude I'll drop you its not that deep

Evidence quality: I'm not gonna care about this unless you tell me I should.

Topicality: I probably won't vote on this unless the aff is a really blatant violation of the topic.

Plan-less Affs & FWK: I am very policy oriented, your aff needs to defend a plan text.

DA: I like good, recent uq cards and specific links. Make sure to impact it out. I'll probably vote on a disad before anything else.

CP: I like counter plans a lot. I'll listen to anything, you might just have to do more analysis because its been a while.

Theory: Probably don't unless theres a good reason. Don't assume I know the jargon I default to rejecting the argument before the team.

K: I'm the least comfortable here. The easiest way for you to win the round is to NOT make critical arguments, but if thats literally the only thing you do at least take things slow for me. Have clear, coherent analysis and keep it light on jargon. You have to have an legitimate link and you must have a viable alt. As the aff, honestly all you have to do to beat a K in front of me is prove that they don't have one or both of those things.

In general: Tell me exactly why I'm going to vote for you at the end of the round, you'll be much happier with the ballot and my rfd.

Misc: Dropped arguments are true. I appreciate full speech docs with all your ev and arguments, it will be better for you on the flow. If you have questions about how I'll react to specific arguments please ask them before round so neither of us are surprised when you make them.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R6 LanSr BD AndCen CK Aff
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R2 LanSr SS OlaEas TM Neg
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R1 SME LU BVNW BS Neg
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 Nov Quarte Little Rock Central Madison Moulden & Laila Meredith Barstow Tommy Cuezze & Mark Lopatofsky Neg Aff on a 2-1
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 DCI 6 Liberty Sr Emma Kenney & Hannah Sanders Washburn Rural Brenda Alvarez & Jake Berry Aff
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 DCI 5 Barstow Shaunak Lokre & Robbie Putney Jenks Rylee Buchert & Sanjeev Musuvathy Neg
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 DCI R4 Eisenhower Mathew Grossman & Jarrett Jarmer Sumner Cheyenne Mielkus & Simon Folson Aff
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 DCI R3 Wichita East Sarwa Shah & Maitri Ajmera Lansing Sr Aaron Young & Dalton Buchholz Aff
KCKCC TOC Qualifier 11/3/2017 DCI R2 Washburn Rural Grace Kessler & Raina Peter Lansing Sr Marcus Woodcock & Brett Zimmerman Aff