Brayden King Paradigm

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Yes, email chain or speechdrop are fine. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to email them to me and I will try to respond as promptly as possible.

If there are questions you have before round that aren’t answered in this paradigm, then feel free to ask!

Background information:

Lee’s Summit High School (MO) ‘17

Missouri State University ‘21 (NDT/CEDA and NFA LD)

I did debate all throughout high school, a little over three of those years was policy. My squad was not involved in any major national circuit tournaments, and most of my experience was the more traditional side of policy debate (very few Ks). However, I don't have any dispositions against them. I don't mind listening to and judging K debate. That being said, I am not the most well-versed person in the literature, so if you want to have a high theory K debate, then I would suggest slowing down a little bit for me. My expertise is mostly policy debate, which is also the main focus of the Missouri State debate squad, so that is where I feel the most comfortable.

I want to be able to be lazy in judging, so give me clear impact calculus and overviews, and be sure to follow the flows.

General opinions on debate:

tech>truth unless it’s arguments that are actually just false. I.e. Racism good and structural violence good.

It’s a game, and there are some rules to that, particularly in H.S., but that doesn’t inherently mean you need to follow them. You can make arguments and give reasons as to why some of the rules may be bad and shouldn’t be followed. I.e. Planless affs- there are many reasons why not upholding U.S.F.G. action is bad (and many why it is). I think these are debates that can be had. Clash and standards are key here, but don't just spout "fairness and education", especially if it's in a rebuttal. I will hold to you explaining why those are good and the impacts to them.

I probably won't have any problems with speed, but if you’re too fast or unclear, then I’ll let you know.

Policy things:

I sort of lean on the side of extinction outweighs, but good impact calc can easily sway me otherwise. Especially if there was significant work done on reducing the link and/or internal links to extinction. I try to weigh magnitude, time frame, and probability evenly. If one side explains why extinction-level scenarios are impossible or almost impossible and the other side just says, but extinction outweighs, then the ballot will probably go to the former.

Impact calc is super important, so please do some!

Please explain how your CP/DA/case turns interact with the affirmative’s case and vice versa. Having a clear link and internal link chain is paramount to effectively weighing your arguments in the rebuttals.

CPs don’t necessarily have to solve all of case if the net benefit outweighs, but you should still tell me why that’s important, and make that argument yourself.

PICs are probably good, but can be abusive and, in the round, I will try to have a blank slate on the theory debate.

K things:

Clash is key. Link and perm debates are a mess if you don't know what the alternatives are or how they interact with each other.

PIKs can be legit, but there better be good explanation on why and how.

Impacts matter! Be sure to explain how to view and weigh them.

Form and Presentation:

Generally, I evaluate speaker points on how well the arguments were presented, explained, etc and less on just sounding pretty. While sounding good is still important, I would prefer a more in-depth explanation of your arguments. I come from a very lay background, but wasn't really a fan.

Be respectful! Debates that get excessively aggressive towards a team or specific individuals in round are not fun and are not things I want to see. Win the debate by out-debating the other team, not by trying to make them look bad. I WILL dock your speaks if you act like a brute.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R6 USN KW Montgomery Bell GL Aff
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R5 USN CH Henry W Grady KL Aff
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R3 Montgomery Bell MB Marist HM Neg
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R1 Woodward LH Henry W Grady RW Aff