John Blomquist Paradigm

Last changed 1/25 5:51P EDT

I am traditionally a LD/PF debater. I do not like spew (it's a dumb Utah tradition), if I cannot understand you, its not going on the flow. I am a much bigger fan of the quality of the evidence rather than the quantity (THIS WILL BE A BIG VOTER). I hate K's. If you have a K on your case its most likely not going on the flow so don't bring it up. I enjoy T arguments and big on the voter overview in the last speech. I am lenient with dropped evidence and points. You may sometimes bring up dropped arguments if it fits and can prove to me that the evidence or point is inherently important to the round.

Be respectful, if you act like a prick your speaker points will suffer (don't test me).

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Marie Clegg Jones Memorial 1/25/2019 CX R3 Bingha Sabry & Orton JuaDie Severo & Moreno Aff
Marie Clegg Jones Memorial 1/25/2019 CX R2 Skylin Anandh & Sucahyo CorCan Witzel & Page Aff
Marie Clegg Jones Memorial 1/25/2019 CX R1 ProHal Schmidt & Campbell Roy Chidester & Pippin Aff