Ian Hopkins Paradigm

Last changed 6 April 2021 11:31 AM MDT

In interpretation events, I look first and foremost at plot development and the arc of the story. If I can't follow the arc and the projection of the story then no matter how well you develop your characters if I can't follow the story you will have a hard time earning my one. I do reward competitors for taking risk with their literature selection, try something new and let's see where it goes! If you have multiple characters pops should be clean and not distract from the performance. Blocking is always great, but blocking just to block becomes a distraction and can pull away from you and the performance.

In public address events, a clear thesis is the most important thing to me followed closely by structure. Don't just give examples in your speech provide me analysis and tell me what makes your take on a topic unique.

For debate event I am open to any arguments as long as you do the work! Please make sure to provide clear link stories and illustrate how the evidence supports your case, do not assume that I will follow your logic! My biggest pet peeve in debate is people who are rude during CX/CrossFire, you can get your point across in a civil manner, please show respect for your fellow competitors. On the negative, you need to do more than just attack the affirmative remember the best defense is offense! Show me how you win, not just how the affirmative loses.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Berkner TFA HS 2020-12-08 VPF R3 Wylie MA Richardson LS Pro