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Last changed 11 December 2020 6:24 AM MST

(Paradigm Updated as of December 11, 2020)

Dear Competitors:

Hello all! I am glad to be your judge at this tournament. I have competed for Green River High School in Wyoming for 4 years. My best event was in Extemporaneous Speaking; however, I also had success in Original Oratory and Informative Speaking. I did 2 debates in my high school years: Public Forum (3 years) and Lincoln-Douglas (1 year). I had a decent success record in debate, but I was much better in the realms of Speech.

Here are my paradigms for events listed.

Debate Events (Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Cross Examination, and Spontaneous Argumentation):

In debate, I was that edgy traditionalist/progressive debater. Arguably, I was a bit more progressive than I was traditionalist; thus, either form of debate is fine with me. I do ask that if the speaker chooses to be progressive that they do not push the limits of what progressive debate is. There is a point in time where debate does become irrational in nature. Please try to avoid that.

The line for me on Progressive Debate is the move into Tier 3 Debate. Avoid NIBs and Theory Debate. I am here to watch a discussion upon a resolution, not to hear a discussion about whether the resolution should be discussed or not. If you do this, I will vote against you. If both sides do this, I will flip a coin to decide who wins (heads = Aff, tails = Neg).

For debates, I look at the following:

1 - Offensive Arguments

The more offensive arguments you run, the better you will do. I quite frankly do not care if you speak poorly. In my time judging Novice Debaters, I have given out numerous low point wins. This is not because I think I am better than the competitor themselves (for some reason, that tends to be true), but rather, this is because I want someone to persuade me. Offense always trumps defense.

2 - Impact Calculus

Please, please, please, please provide me with impact calculus. This is so huge to your debate. Make sure that your impact calculus is strong and well supported. I love debates that have prerequisite and root cause impact calculus. These are so powerful to your performance. Use them! They are your best friend!

3 - Clarity / Signposting

Clarity in this instance does not refer to how fast or slow you speak. I can flow all types of speed. Clarity refers to me understanding where we are on the flow at all times. Your organization is is key to your success. The more clarity that you have, the better I will understand where we are.

Additionally, I ask that we have off the clock roadmaps before every speech. If you do this before every speech, I will know that you read my paradigm.

4 - Cross Examination

During CX, be as rude as you wish. I honestly do not mind a good roasting of your opponent’s lack of knowledge on a subject area. However, do not personally attack your opponent. Calling them a racist is one thing, but implying through questions that they are is another. It is okay to go all out. It is your chance to do that. Have fun!

5 - Overview / Underview Theory

Overviews and underviews are fantastic implementations in the debate. Here, you can run Frameworks, burdens, etc. If you use this to push Tier 3 Debate, I will vote you down and sign the ballot to your opponent. Please do not push the boundaries of debate farther than it should be.

6 - Stock Issues (CX Only)

I love a good debate on stock issues. Ultimately, I will provide a ballot based on stock issues alone if it comes down to it. Stock issues are a key voter for me in CX.

7 - Value/Criterion (LD Only)

I believe that while this clash is important, this is not the determining factor of LD. Because you win your Value and Criterion does not mean your opponent supported it better. Values and Criteria are there to provide the judge with a mechanism to weigh the cases by, not as a mechanism to which they are voting to. With that said, I do believe that you can run a Framework on top of the Value/Criterion Debate. I encourage it actually. That will determine the role of my ballot.

8 - Voters

As always, voters are important. Tell me why you have won the debate. Convince me that you are right. Do not be afraid to drop arguments here. You do not have to win all of the arguments in debate to win the debate; just provide to me why you have won or lost.

I am happy to be your judge and good luck in this round and your future rounds!


Spencer Travis

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Green River Speech Tournament HS 2021-12-03 LD Semis CJ Daniel Ramsey CN Isabelle Christenson Neg Aff 2-1
Green River Speech Tournament HS 2021-12-03 PF R4 CC Aepli & Briggs CD Olsson & Lane Con
Green River Speech Tournament HS 2021-12-03 CX R3 CE Richard & Green CF Frazier & Johnson Aff
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 CX Semis EB Barish & Ely BG Davalos-Delosh & Draves Aff Aff 3-0
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 PF R4 EB Antonson & Pearcy BN Hasan & Mei Pro
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 PF R4 BX Brown & Robbins CW Con
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 LD-N Semis Hot Springs Co EK Lander Valley KC Aff Aff 3-0
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 LD-O R4 Laramie SG Jackson Hole JH Aff
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 LD-O R3 Cheyenne East BG Clovis JP Aff
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 LD-O R2 Cheyenne East SM Hot Springs Co MW Aff
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 CX R1 Worland DR WYVA CC Neg