Kinny Torre Paradigm

Last changed 8 November 2017 12:18 PM EST

Hopefully this blurb only convinces you to read the arguments that you want to read...

This is my second-year coaching parli at WWU and my tenth year in the activity so I've probably seen a flavor of the arguments that you want to deploy. That being stated, I try to evaluate the round through the lens that you provide. If that means I adopt a normative utilitarian calculus then cool. Want me to not evaluate strictly from the flow? Awesome--just make sure that you provide an alternative weighing mechanism.

When I was debating I was a huge proponent of the classic TKO strategy but that shouldn’t deter you from running CPs, projects, or anything in front of me. While I do have theoretical dispositions against delay, object-fiat, and study CPs, that doesn’t mean that I will automatically drop a team for running those args. Though it is fair to say that I hold arguments that purposefully try to skew the other team out of the round to a higher level of skepticism. In other words, it’s not a good strategy to read 5 off that is littered with PoMo nonsense against a novice team when I’m sitting in the back. So be cool, have fun, and do what you think is best.

Some other random tidbits:

·        Speaker points range from 25-30 with 25 needing major improvement, 27.5 being average, and 30 being perfect

·        If you’re being excessively mean or violent then I won’t hesitate to vote you down: you are privileged enough to operate within this space but that doesn’t allow you to be an asshole.

·        I’ll rule on a POO but often times they’re unnecessary; there is never a need to do it more than 3 times (I promise I’ll notice any new arguments) and they are often a non-sequitur to the heart of the debate.

·        K v. K debates are BORING unless you can delineate between the competing methods

o   You are allowed to perm in a methods debate unless there is a compelling argument for why you shouldn’t

o   The Kritik should have a clear solvency mechanism and framework arguments should specifically lay out how the other team can engage with your arguments.

·        Don’t run theory as a time suck

·        For the love of all things sacred if you’re going for a procedural then only go for the procedural

o   Demonstrated abuse is helpful but not required for my ballot on T

·        If you’re clearly winning the debate then finish your speech and sit down—there’s no reason to beat a dead horse

·        Clash of civilization debates are the way to my heart

·        Obvi don’t expect me to fill in or favor your arguments just because they stem from an ideology that I also occupy



Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 O Par Quart California Los Angeles/Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley William Concordia University Irvine Denise Sprimont & David Vasquez Aff Neg 2-1
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 O Par R6 Grand Canyon Alex Davila & Joseph Madere Cerritos Omar Gutirrez-Rocha & Adriana LaFuente Aff
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 O Par R5 Grand Canyon Lexi Parmer & Lexi Baskin Fullerton Francisco Acosta & Rachel Thibodeaux Aff
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 O Par R4 Concordia University Irvine Sean Nowlan & Owen Milligan El Camino Ben Mason & Alex Vandenberg Aff
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 N Par R2 California San Diego/Speech Hao Wei & Fiona Liu Grand Canyon Olivia Palma & Julia Kupis Neg
Fall at the Beach C 2019-11-01 N Par R1 California San Diego/Speech Kelly Agama & Anoop Gunwardhena CSU Long Beach James Monroe & Samra Tekle Neg
Steve Hunt Classic C 2018-10-13 oparl OR6 Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley CQ Minnesota FD Opp
Steve Hunt Classic C 2018-10-13 oparl OR5 Lewis and Clark GR Oregon LG Gov
Steve Hunt Classic HS 2018-10-13 oparl OR4 Minnesota BS Utah ND Opp
Steve Hunt Classic C 2018-10-13 oparl Or3 Lewis and Clark MT Texas Tech GT Gov
Steve Hunt Classic C 2018-10-13 nparl R1 Whitman OW St Mary's AA Opp