Elliot Davis Paradigm

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I'm a debater for Evanston township HS. I'm mainly a K debater, but I'll evaluate any argument that you run (given that it isn't sexist, racist, transphobic, ableist, etc.). I'm also very familiar with pomo and other metatheory K's, and I love to see them run well (key word being well). I'm good with traditional kinds of debate too, as well as K AFF's and basically anything you want to throw at me. If you have some new crazy shit that you want to try out, pref me a 1! Quick note, humor will boost your speaks significantly.


Yes. Be clear.


Kind of a point fairy. Speaks usually start at 28.5. Anything below and you've done something wrong. I'll disclose speaks (as long as they aren't horrendous), just ask.

Traditional LD:

I'm super open to traditional V/VC contention styles of debate. I don't run them very often, but I feel like they're one of the truest arguments that can be ran in debate. If you provide me with solid factual evidence and analysis, I'm reasonably likely to weigh this above a metaphysical framework that doesn't engage at all with what you're saying. I'm a good pref for traditional debate.


Sure. Why not.


I'll sit through a framework shell, but just please don't make me listen to 7 minutes of it in your NC. I personally don't run T or framework, but I think that if you can articulate abuse in your standards then you might as well. However, I don't think that the only way to engage with T is through reading a counterinterp. Impact and link turns using the rhetoric of the AFF go a long way, and you'll have trouble convincing me otherwise. That being said, I'm also very open to a debate on competing interps, as long as the entire debate doesn't just become T (that pisses me off). Last thing I'll say is that I'm much more inclined to give the AFF RVI's than not and I'm also more inclined not to buy the TVA. Not the best judge for T, but I'll vote on it.


Kritikal debate is my domain. Generic K's like cap and security interest me, but I'll usually think of them as traditional nonunique NC's with alts. Love identity K's, specifically performance identity K's. I believe that this is the truest form of debate. Quick note, a white person running afropess against a black person with a destroy the world alt is probably a red flag. LOVE love pomo, I run Baud and Deleuze mainly, but very open to Bataille, Hegel, etc. That being said, if you run a complex K, I want you to give me a clear overview at the top of your next speech. If I feel like I don't understand anything you're saying I'm likely to vote you down. I'll evaluate Kant, but begrudgingly. Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to run the K, I'll hold you to a higher standard of explanation. Don't just assume that because I already understand it I'm fine with a shitty explanation.

K AFF's:

I read almost exclusively K AFF's, so I am the perfect judge for nontopical debate. BUT, I weigh T more on nontopical AFF's. This means two things. One, if a T shell goes conceded in the 1AR and is extended and contextualized in the 2NR, it will be hard to come back from. BUT, if the AFF turns T very well and extends that throughout the debate that is likely to be a huge voters issue (if of course they win RVI's).


Very open to theory if it outlines legitimate abuse. Not a huge fan of frivilous theory, but if you run it I'll simply have to evaluate it.


Tricks fucking suck. Please don't pref me for tricks. Using tricks or floating PICs is an uphill battle and I'll hate you, but that being said I will not flat out reject the argument.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
13th Schaumburg Saxon Invitational 10/20/2018 NLD R5 New Trier JF William Fremd ED Aff
13th Schaumburg Saxon Invitational 10/20/2018 NLD R4 Barrington ASh Homewood-Flossmoor MS Aff
13th Schaumburg Saxon Invitational 10/20/2018 NLD R3 Homewood-Flossmoor NL Amos Alonzo Stagg MA Aff
13th Schaumburg Saxon Invitational 10/20/2018 NLD R2 Libertyville LE Homewood-Flossmoor CA Aff
13th Schaumburg Saxon Invitational 10/20/2018 NLD R1 William Fremd KJ Homewood-Flossmoor HM Aff
Illinois Debate Community IDC NoviceJV State Championships 3/2/2018 NLD R5 AG 3020 AE 3035 Neg
Illinois Debate Community IDC NoviceJV State Championships 3/2/2018 NLD R4 AE 3033 BB 3012 Neg Neg on a 2-0
Illinois Debate Community IDC NoviceJV State Championships 3/2/2018 NLD R3 AP 3022 AF 3015 Neg Neg on a 2-0
Illinois Debate Community IDC NoviceJV State Championships 3/2/2018 NLD R1 AE 3036 AP 3023 Neg Neg on a 2-0