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I don’t have a judging philosophy. I’ve been out of debate for six years (?); let this piece of information guide you in three ways:

1) I am not familiar with major arguments on this topic 

2) Slow down and be clear

3) Do impact analysis

And, like P. Waldinger says:

Evidence: I put a large emphasis on evidence quality. I read a lot of evidence at the end of the debate. I believe that you have to have evidence that actually says what you claim it says. Not just hint at it. Not just imply it. Not just infer it. You should just read good evidence. Also, you should default to reading more of the evidence in a debate. Not more evidence. More OF THE evidence. Don't give me a fortune cookie and expect me to give the full credit for the card's warrants. Bad, one sentence evidence is a symptom of rampant conditionality and antithetical to good policy making.  




Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Ibis Debates at the University of Miami 12/3/2016 R2 Christopher Columbus PD Pine Crest Preparatory GM Aff
Ibis Debates at the University of Miami 12/3/2016 R1 Christopher Columbus SD Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart CS Neg