Steve DuBois Paradigm

Last changed 9 October 2020 5:54 AM CDT

25 years head debate coach; 4 yrs Policy/Congress/IE competitor + 1 yr NDT/CEDA

Policy: Default to standard impact calculus; ideal round would involve a single topical policy proposal from the aff vs. a single alternative policy proposal from the neg. if you want me evaluating non-plan arguments I need to be given a well-explained reason why that's a better use of my ballot than the endorsement of a good policy option. Most of the time tech> truth. If you make the round a toxic environment for me or for your opponents I may intervene to vote against you. That is NOT an invitation for you to complain in your speeches about your opponents' behavior. It is a warning that I don't like bullies, blowhards, and people who treat the activity as an arena in which to Get Their Alpha On, or as a stick with which to clobber their cultural/political outgroup of choice.

Congress: redundant debate is bad. Direct responses to preceding speakers are good. Unkindness to other competitors is very very bad indeed. Skilled POs tend to place very high in my rankings.

Public speaking: I'm a little tired of the cookie-cutter conventions that are overwhelming events such as OO and INF. For instance: failure to say "and that's my concern" before your thesis will not cost you points. If two competitors are similar in skill I will usually rank the one with the fresher, less convention-focused approach higher. I have a hangup regarding non-conversational or "stagey" delivery--talk TO me, not AT me. I find attempts to play to the consensus politics of the community off-putting, especially when the political agenda is being superimposed on a topic to which politics are not intrinsic. Criticisms of those who disagree with you should be couched in the recognition that they are human beings.

Interp: subtle >>> screamy. Characterization > melodrama. If your material is intended to be humorous, making me laugh matters; comedic timing matters more than bits, blocking, and sound effects. Intros based on your personal experiences related to the piece's theme earn you no extra points. Attempts to play to the consensus politics of the community bother me; I am interested in your performance skills more than I am in having my worldview reified.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Dec Patriot Pride Tournament HS 2020-12-04 OPF R1 Lennox 1200 ClaChr 1203 Aff
The Independence Winter Classic HS 2019-12-06 NPF Rd2 Blue Springs Christopher Woods & Trinity Mogaka Rockhurst Matthew McLeese & Jackson Porter Con
The Independence Winter Classic HS 2019-12-06 NLD Rd1 Winnetonka Amijah Parker Rockhurst Dylan Adkins Aff
Free State Debate Invitational HS 2019-12-06 PFD R1 Topeka CB Lawrence Free State RB Aff