Nitin Subramanian Paradigm

Last changed 11/8 12:19P CST

I was a past competitor on the national circuit, so don't worry, I'm not a lay judge. I do flow, and that's my primary metric for judging so I'm definitely about 75/25 on the content/delivery split.

Other than that, I have a pretty simple paradigm:

1. Refute (a lot and well) without resorting to straw-manning.

2. Have unique arguments and analyze them well.

3. Please source well (as in the quality of your source and your citation). "Harvard in 2016" is not a citation. Make it so that I would be able to look up your source and find it with minimal effort.

4. I love CX. I probably shouldn't weigh it so heavily in ranking, but I do. If you're the best questioner in the round, you'll probably get ranked (regardless of speeches).

5. Have fun. Judges and competitors both hate sitting through 3 hours without any comedy or roasts or emotion of some sort. Keeping the round entertaining makes it tolerable for both me and you.

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