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Alec Loftus - I for sure wanna be in the email chain

LSHS '18

Loyola University Chicago '22

While in high school, I primarily ran traditional arguments. Being from Minnesota, that was the norm there. However, having competed on the circuit at many tournaments, I'm not oblivious to the value of T, Kritiks, Theory, CPs, and the like.

My one request is that when running these offs that you speak a bit more clearer than you would otherwise (or think you need to otherwise). It's been a couple of months since I've been on the scene and I definitely know my affinity for understanding where the off is impacting has deteriorated a bit.

The most important thing to me in round is respect. Next is quality of impacts. If I cannot tell where an impact is specifically coming from and how it matters in the round then I am automatically going to weigh it less heavily in the round.

On a lighter note, this tournament can be kinda serious so any attempt at keeping it light, fun, friendly, or positive will get you some brownie speaker points.

Tl;dr- be friendly and have fun. I ran and heard mostly traditional, but am in tune to progressive debate. So, as the kiddos say, "go off I guess" if you want to and find it will add to the round.

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