Mei Mei Sun Paradigm

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general information

hey there! i'm a FYO who did four years of LD in high school-- i now go to college on the west coast!

please add me to the email chain, and let me know if there is any information that i should know prior to the round: (e.g. ways that i can make the round more accessible and inclusive for you, technology issues, your pronouns and TWs, etc.) **my email is embedded in the hyperlink**


- the positions i read most in high school were primarily performance/nonT/Blackness, specifically afropess, asian identity, queer + asian rage, afrofuturism, narratives, and queer pess (in descending order of frequency)

- this isn't to say that i'll hack if you term-drop 'natal alienation' or 'techno-orientalism' into your speech, but i will have a better grasp of this lit base coming into the round than i would, say, of most continental philosophy

- given that, i also do have a particular penchant for derrida, especially deconstruction, hauntology, and sociolinguistics (this also means i'm decently receptive to reps Ks, but don't be excessive–– perfect isn't the enemy of good!)

- if your A-strat is tricks/friv t/skep/disclosure/some other reiteration of the same meaningless bullshit, please strike me

- please please please give enumerated voters and tell me where on the flow to vote! it makes the round so much easier to adjudicate :^)



cp/da - these are well utilized in LD and offer the most portable skills! i decently enjoy util debates, with the added caveat that many bodies (esp. Black, Latinx, and queer folks), are not privilege to the spheres of policymaking and citizenry, and recommend that you account for this somewhere in the fw

trad - i have a pretty baseline knowledge of traditional authors and debated a lot of trad rounds in high school; go for it! (unless you're reading kant, in which case, please don't)

phil/fw - i’m probably the least familiar with this type of debate and would not be the best judge for heavy fw rounds, so please only go for this if you have absolutely nothing else. that said, there is a strong unity in theory and practice, so take that as you will.

k/performance - i am most familiar with identity Ks (see above for specifics) and have a very high threshold for most pomo authors, so please please slow down and explain your lit base ! i do like a cool alt :^)

T/t - all the experience i have with T/t is debating against it, so winning this is an uphill battle. you'll be better off––both in debate and in life––by choosing to engage with the substance of the argument

defaults (note: these can be heavily influenced by you in round)

truth > tech (though winning this argument requires a decent grasp of tech)

ci > reasonability

no RVIs > aff gets RVIs

drop the argument > drop the debater

K > T (probably the only default not likely to change anytime soon)


**please do not read kant, heidegger, or borjas; they are very problematic individuals & i do not believe that you can separate the author from their work**

flashing/emailing isn't considered prep unless you're intentionally being abusive

a conceded argument isn't necessarily a true argument

start at 80% of your top speed and work your way up

cross-ex is probably binding, but i can be convinced otherwise

if you choose to do something particularly egregious (e.g. ignoring your opponent’s TWs/pronouns, reading oppression impact turns, shaking your head/rolling your eyes during your opponent’s speeches, etc.), i reserve the right to give you particularly egregious speaks

please settle disclosure conflicts prior to the round

+0.5 speaks for a good pun :^)

grow as a person, be respectful, and have fun!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The Betty Gunn Invitational at Mountain Brook High School 2/1/2019 NLD R4 Montgomery TD Hoover AH Aff
The Betty Gunn Invitational at Mountain Brook High School 2/1/2019 NLD R2 Auburn NR Hoover KY Aff
The Betty Gunn Invitational at Mountain Brook High School 2/1/2019 NLD R1 Hoover AC Westminster Christian MO Aff
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R3 Montgomery Bell EB Woodward SS Aff
Samford University Bishop Guild Debate Tournament 1/12/2019 NCX R2 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FM Montgomery Bell GL Neg
Prattville Lion Classic 11/16/2018 NLD Quarte Montgomery TD Auburn NR Neg Neg on a 3-0
Prattville Lion Classic 11/16/2018 NLD R4 Montgomery JA Auburn NR Neg
Prattville Lion Classic 11/16/2018 NLD R3 Auburn CB Montgomery SC Aff
Prattville Lion Classic 11/16/2018 NLD R1 Auburn HS Altamont AA Neg
Vestavia Hills Novice 9/22/2018 LD R5 Prattville CS Hoover AH Neg
Vestavia Hills Novice 9/22/2018 LD R4 Prattville AH Hoover HS Neg
Vestavia Hills Novice 9/22/2018 LD R2 James Clemens YL Hoover SN Aff
Vestavia Hills Novice 9/22/2018 LD R1 Hoover SS Auburn CB Neg