Mats Mudrow Paradigm

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I competed in Oratory as my main event throughout my high school career.

2 of my proudest moments include:

Sundance Nat Quals: Picket Fencing across 8 judges

2018 UHSAA 6A State: When my two novices and I broke into finals with only 5 slots. (Taking 3 of them.)

In prep for competing at Nationals, I did as much research as humanely possible.

The result is that I know when I see a National Speech and when I don't.

I competed in LD for a year and a half. Not that good, but still love the format!

Competed in one PF tournament and walked away with 2nd place... so, take that as you will.



For whatever reason, I've ended up judging CX more than I'd like to. If that's the case, here's what you need to know.

1AC - Interested

1NC - Interested

2AC - Interested

2NC - Interested



2NR - Interested

2AR - Interested

Without fail, no matter what I do, I always fall asleep during the 1AR and 1NR. I don't mean to, but the round is so long and the topics generally confuse me.

The winner of ANY debate round will win based on whether or not I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND what you're talking about. The team I understand better will end up winning the round. GUARANTEED.

As for LD or PF

Very traditional. I could care less about the actual debate. For me, it's ALL about the FW. If you can tie your case back into your FW better than your opponent, you WILL win. (If you tie it into your OPPONENT'S FW, BONUS POINTS!!!)


30: I wouldn't want to compete against you.

29: ABSOLUTELY NO STUTTERS and captivated my attention.

28: Some stutters, and overall FANTASTIC speaker, but lacked some "National" elements that I'd expect from a champion.

27: Stuttering, and very little eye contact.

26: Lack of preparation is obvious. (Thus, didn't have good eye contact, stuttered, and may have even admitted that they weren't prepared.)

25 or less: Find a new event.


I believe Debate is supposed to be educational above all else, and I also believe that the competitors learn the most while AT the tournament. (Not to mention my penmanship on paper ballots sucks. Might as well help the competitors in some way.)

I will give critiques after rounds much like a normal debate round.

Double entries should do their other event first if they want critiques.

These critiques include 1 positive comment and 1 critique for improvement to each competitor.

I also want the state of Utah to become nationally recognized in debate, and the only way to do that is to make sure EVERY competitor is good. No better way to do that than helping in rounds.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
NCFL 2019 Salt Lake Diocese 2/15/2019 CX R1 AL Machado & Tatarevic AA Severo & Moreno Aff
The Davis Dart 2/1/2019 CX R3 AP 303 AG 302 Aff
The Davis Dart 2/1/2019 CX R2 BB 311 AG 301 Neg
The Davis Dart 2/1/2019 CX R1 AG 300 AN 323 Neg
Marie Clegg Jones Memorial 1/25/2019 CX R5 Roy Neiswanger & Heiner RowHal Frech & Beasley Neg
Ursa Major Copper Hills 12/7/2018 VCX Rd6 AA Guzman & Crabtree AL Middlemas & Rohde Neg
Ursa Major Copper Hills 12/7/2018 VCX Rd5 AN Brunisholz & Moreno AJ Burnett & Moreno Neg
Ursa Major Copper Hills 12/7/2018 VCX Rd4 AR Dhiman & Nguyen BH Srinivas & McVicker Aff
Ursa Major Copper Hills 12/7/2018 NCX rd3 AF Anaya Maurio & Xiques AN Cutshall & Portman Neg