Kylie Vera Paradigm

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Pronouns: She/Her

Saint George's Class of 2018

Whitworth University (Not Debating)

Please avoid mentions of sexual assault, suicide, and self-harm. Thank you.


First year out debate, got 2 bids 2 different years, a state finalist both my junior and senior year. I debated mostly critical arguments throughout high school but I also occasionally read topical affs and cut politics updates. I will vote based off of what is on the flow.

Tech > Truth

I don't read cards unless deemed necessary.


Despite my debate experience, I actually think framework is a good argument. I read framework against critical affs and enjoy listening to good framework rounds.

I'm less of a fan of the "t not framework" argument but can be persuaded otherwise.

I will vote on any standard if you win it. I tend to incline that fairness is more of an internal link, not an impact but if you win the flow I will vote for it.

I don't think fun is an impact and have a high threshold to vote on it if it is your 2NR strategy.

I think you must have a TVA, preferably with carded evidence to support it. I believe it should be gone for in the 2NR to make my decision easier. If one is impossible though, you need to spend a substantial time on SSD.


I default to competing interpretations unless told otherwise.

Slow down in the rebuttals so I can get all the nuances of your argument.


I don't like artificially competitive and contrived process counterplans. Otherwise, if you read any other counterplan and explains how it avoids the link to the DA I will vote for you.

I don't like PICS or contrived multiplank counterplans.

I don't really care if you read new planks on the 2NC but it does warrant new 1AR answers.

I think counterplans should have a solvency advocate that clearly describes the process of the CP.

I am very willing to pull the trigger on CP theory if explained and impacted out.


Love politics disads more than the average judge but I am willing to vote on any DA.

I love impact calc and please do it.

K (neg)

I will probably understand any critic if you explain it will but here are my current understandings

Very familiar with: Agamben, Irigaray, Baudrillard, Queer Theory, Afro-pessimism, Cybernetics, Setcol, Bifo, Marx, Security, and Bataille

Pretty familiar with: Fannon, Foucault, Psychoanalysis, Virilio, Deleuze, and Weheliye

Not super familiar with: Preciado, Negarestani, Maoism, and Derrida

I don't mind long overviews as long as they relate to the debate I'm judging.


I won't vote on k tricks if they're not impacts and explained

I think Ks need a clear link to some part of the aff.

If the neg team kicks the alt they need to win a strong link and impact.

K (aff)

Read and am comfortable with every type of critical aff.

I think critical affs need to be related to the topic in some way.

When debating framework you should go for a counter interp strategy or an impact turn but not both. They can both be in the 2AC but not the 2AR.

I think you need to answer every impact of framework individually.

Speaker points

30: Gosh darn I'm telling everyone about you

29.5 - 29.9: You should be in the top 5 speakers

29 - 29.5: You should break

28.5 - 29: You're pretty good, good at line-by-line!

28 - 28.5: You're good but have some work to do

< 28: You were openly racist, sexist, homophobic, or rude

Debate Inspirations

Aidan Kane, Wayne Tang, Sarah Roberts

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Gonzaga Debate Institute Tournament 7/24/2019 OPEN S a SLacK in the face Charlie Huang & Aarin Jain Liberal Brew Joshua Ramos & Jack Martin Neg Neg on a 3-0
Gonzaga Debate Institute Tournament 7/24/2019 OPEN O Liberal Brew Joshua Ramos & Jack Martin Biggie Molls Elizabeth Chen & Kelly Lin Aff Aff on a 3-0
Gonzaga Debate Institute Tournament 7/24/2019 SCHLRS R6 Scholars Jasper Toms & Virinch Pandari Scholars Jared Adam & Nick Clancy Neg
Gonzaga Debate Institute Tournament 7/24/2019 OPEN R5 Liberal Brew Alex Miller & Josh Miller a SLacK in the face Charlie Huang & Aarin Jain Neg
Saint Georges Invitational 12/7/2018 OPol Quarte Kamiak DB Garfield DL Aff Aff on a 3-0
Saint Georges Invitational 12/7/2018 OPol R6 Ingraham ST Kamiak KE Neg
Saint Georges Invitational 12/7/2018 OPol R2 Silver Creek RV Kamiak KL Neg