Megha Prasad Paradigm

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Conflicts: Lexington, Hamilton RM

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I did LD and PF at Lexington HS (MA) 2015-2019.


Short version.

Ks we love. LARP/policy is okay. Traditional is also good. Phil is kinda meh, you'd need to explain it very well. Please leave your tricks, skep, and frivolous theory at home, I don't trust myself to evaluate them. Probably a little better at evaluating T/theory if there is a persuasive abuse story. Disclosure and email chains are good. Also, I'm a first year out so you probably don't want to pref me but you do you.

Long version.

I used to vibe p hard with Mina's paradigm and I share a lot of her views on debate. I was also heavily influenced by CQ, David Asafu-Adjaye, and Phoebe Kuo. As a result, I'm not a fan of the whole "debate is a game" mindset and doing whatever it takes to win a round. Debate is about education, not about your record.


I mostly ran Ks as a debater so these are my favorite arguments. That being said, don't read them in front of me just because I read them. It does mean that I have a higher threshold for Ks and I want to see a clear link and know what the alt does.

Plans/CPs/DAs/LARPy policy stuff

These are cool. CPs need to solve the aff and have a net benefit to be competitive or at least have a net benefit that outweighs the aff. DAs are fine, just be wary of super long link chains.


I did not like these arguments as a debater and I do not enjoy judging them. I'm also not very good at judging them so if you read these you will need to make the abuse story very clear to me and slow down. I also have a tendency to ignore theory and look for other, more interesting, places to vote on the flow and vote there.

T v K

I went for K over T a lot as a debater but I'm gonna try to be tab about this and say both sides are gonna need hella warrants and hella weighing when making these arguments. That being said, I'm also hella not tab in the sense that I do not think fairness is a voter.

Tricks/a prioris/friv theory/other bullshit

just no.

Speaker Points

I start at a 28 and then move up or down depending on what y'all do. Go slow at first and let me get used to you before you go full speed. I'll say clear 2-3 times but if nothing changes don't expect my flow to be that great and I'm not gonna check the speech doc. Be strategic and don't be a dick and you'll probably be happy with your speaks.


I didn't do a ton of PF cuz I think it's hella white and cutesy. Biases aside, just make good extensions, do a good amount of weighing and READ ACTUAL CARDS.


Haven't judged much of this but I feel like it's probably a better version of LD.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD Runoff Achievement First Brooklyn DD Chaminade LM Aff Aff on a 3-0
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R6 Millburn FY Harrison AA Neg
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R6 Medina Senior KN Timothy Christian LJ Neg
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R5 Harrison GV Half Hollow Hills HS East DS Aff
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R5 Timothy Christian BL Medina Senior CL Neg
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R2 McDowell SA Montville NP Aff
The Princeton Classic 11/30/2018 NLD R2 Chaminade KF Wilmington Charter PP Neg
Tim Averill Invitational 10/27/2017 LD-N R3 Lexington SK Lexington JC Aff
Tim Averill Invitational 10/27/2017 LD-N R1 Lexington AL Lexington CL Aff
Tim Averill Invitational 10/27/2017 LD-N R1 Lexington DY Lexington RB Neg