Wheeler Sears Paradigm

Last changed 5/3 9:12A EDT

Wheeler Sears

St. Mark's '19

Last updated 5/3/2019

Email chain: wheelersears@gmail.com

Two minutes before the debate:

- tech > truth

- read a plan

- evidence + pre-prepared strategies win debates

- be clear

- prefer policy debates but K's are fine I guess (specifics down below)

- theory questions are all down below

Immigration Specific:

- parole + nonenforcement are awesome, utilize them

- I won't vote aff on "this disad is racist so you should reject it"--just beat the disad


- The more specific the better

- Evidence quality matters

- UQ can control the link and vice versa, it depends on the debating

- Smart turns case arguments are good--this is more along the lines of "our internal link turns theirs" rather than "our impact means we can't do their impact"--the latter typically requires winning a large risk of the disad as well as a large risk of your impact

- 2AR's that sit on one or two issues are typically much better than the the 2AR's that try to win every issue and spend less time on each

- politics is good


- A well-researched counterplan with a clear net benefit is awesome and typically where I can tell you've done research and will reward you with better speaks

- 2AR deficits should consist of two things--1. what the aff does that the counterplan doesn't and 2. why that matters--#2 seems like the argument that many 2AR's seem to forget

- won't judge kick unless told otherwise


All of the below theory preferences are purely preferences and can change depending on debating or the quality of evidence but they are preferences nonetheless that effect how I will evaluate a debate

Condo is the only reason to reject the team

- Counterplans that compete off of immediacy/certainty and/or could result in the plan (process, consult, conditions etc.) are probably bad

- States theory is 50/50--I probably lean neg but it's really up for debate

- Multi actor fiat is fine unless you fiat multiple levels of government (ie fiatting multiple government agencies is legit but fiatting a government agency + the states is abusive)

- Lack of solvency advocate is a question of solvency, not theory

- international fiat is fine

- PICs are good

- New 2NC CP's and CP Amendments are typically fine

- Aff leaning on condo but it's close--honestly probably would like to see one of these debates more than most judges


- I'm familiar with the "policy" K's like neolib/security but beyond that you're going to need to explain your arguments a good amount--If I don't understand your argument, I will vote aff

- link specificity matters--links that are highly contextualized to the aff are much better than buzzwords that don't mean anything

- I'm much more likely to be receptive to K's that clash with the substance of the 1AC

- F/W is a non-starter

- Overall I'm probably just terrible for the K so you'd be better off going for something else

K affs:

I will vote neg—you’re cheating


- if possible, don't go for T--it's boring

- Reasonability = yes


If you make smart arguments and have a well prepared strategy with good evidence you should be fine

Being unclear will definitely hurt your speaks

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Novice Round Up 5/4/2019 CX R6 Crossings Christian DH Casady HN Neg Neg on a 2-0
Novice Round Up 5/4/2019 CX R5 Liberal Arts and Science AB Dallas Highland Park WL Aff Aff on a 2-0
Novice Round Up 5/4/2019 CX R3 Woodward HH Oak Park and River Forest MM Aff Aff on a 2-0
Novice Round Up 5/4/2019 CX R1 Jesuit JS Woodward TL Neg Neg on a 2-0
Plano West Wolf Classic 10/19/2018 NCX R4 Coppell 9th DM Coppell HP Aff
Plano West Wolf Classic 10/19/2018 NCX R3 Highland Park LW Coppell 9th RC Neg
Plano West Wolf Classic 10/19/2018 NCX R2 Greenhill AV Coppell 9th SS Neg
Plano West Wolf Classic 10/19/2018 NCX R1 Coppell 9th PC Grapevine BK Aff
Novice Round Up 4/27/2018 CX R5 Liberal Arts and Science JS Georgetown Day MW Aff Aff on a 2-0
Novice Round Up 4/27/2018 CX R4 Jesuit CP KZ Harker SM Aff
Novice Round Up 4/27/2018 CX R3 Heritage Hall RL Crossings Christian RB Neg Neg on a 2-0
Novice Round Up 4/27/2018 CX R2 Georgetown Day BS Harker KV Aff
Novice Round Up 4/27/2018 CX R1 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart MC Woodward KO Neg Neg on a 2-0