Bajeel Syeda Paradigm

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Explain your aff to me. Tell me why whatever you do is good and what exactly you solve. Explain your impact to me, what does the Plan solve for and why would the SQUO be bad. When I determine who will win I look at the impact and how you solve. I look at what the plan does and normally look at the link debate to see what the negative effects of the aff could be. Use this round to tell me a story about your aff. Please don't drop T.


DON'T DROP CASE. If you want to read 5 off by all means go ahead but make sure you get to case.


They can be a good way to win the round if you explain it well. I want a clear link and impact.


Explain your net ben and your DA, I shouldn't have to think about it very hard. Explain your perm to me, why does the perm solve or why can the perm not function.

T and Theory:

T: a great tool. utilize it. If the aff is really untopical call them out and explain why it is unfair. If you tell me that their not topical and why that's bad for the neg and can convince me theyre unfair I'll vote for you.

Theory: tell me specifically how the perm works and talk about. I will probably not use this as a big tool for my decision but it might help you if both teams are at an equal level. I will probably not vote on condo unless there are 3 or more worlds, in which case you need to tell me that.


If you're reading a K explain it to me. Tell me a story about why your K o/w and is more important. Explain buzzwords to me, pretend you're talking to a 6-year-old and explain those words to me before you start using fancy jargon. If you want to read the Death K go ahead but explain why death is good (i'm not opposed to this and will listen to it). Identity K's are my thing that being said I won't vote for you if you don't explain it to me and tell me why your K o/w case and why you solve for case as well (if you're making that arg). Please do not forget framing. BOTH the aff and neg need a Role of the Ballot. Explain the alt to me in depth, i've seen many teams just rereading the tag of the alt card not knowing what the alt is, that will hurt you. Do not drop theory, it is very important.

To get high speaks:
1. Be clear on your cards. If, despite my training, I would not be able to comprehend your cards without seeing the speech doc, you lose a point or two on the spot, and if you're egregious even after I say "clearer" i likely wont evaluate the card. Being especially clear on cards will be rewarded.

2. Argue and extend warrants, not tags. This applies even to your opponent's arguments. Figure out the warrant to their argument by reading the card for it, then answer them on that level instead of just denying the tag of their argument. Almost all of your arguments should be comparisons of the warrants, quals, and assumptions of your evidence against theirs. It's not good if you're taking little to no prep to read your opponent's evidence, and I can see it. If you mishandle the processing of the debate because you weren't anticipating and dealing with the substance of the arguments, you lose another point or two.

3. Make historical analogies and predictions. I expect you to color your arguments as the debate goes on with relevant examples from history that support your conclusions and to outline some specific, plausible impact scenarios for your arguments. The real stuff we deal with in debate are ideas, not mere tags and cards. Coloring and animating your ideas will be rewarded with at least a half point, and more importantly with deference during my evaluation of the flows. That being said don't give inaccurate facts just for the sake of having a historical example.

4. Thoroughly refute. Be proactive about keeping the 1nc-case and 2ac-offcase orders of arguments, and reference those even if your opponent is wavering on that order. If the debate itself is becoming unwieldy, with too much going on to address everything, then it's time to do some argument selection and simplify the debate. Embedded clash usually works for me since it's actually processing the debate at a high level.

5. A good netflix recommendation can get you +.5 points smile

Overall debating comments:

If you are unclear and too fast I will stop flowing (I won't be on the email chain so be very careful)

If you are rude to the other team/your partner/judge you will not get above a 27.5 no matter how good of a debater you are. Be nice to each other, you're not enemies. you're here because a computer matched you up. Make friends and please don't yell at each other during the round (ie in CX) but also please don't be really quite either.

Don't take my immediate reaction as an indicator for if you're right or not. Most of the time I'm probably reacting to a notification on my laptop or at my spelling skills (or lack thereof)

Please dont ask me to keep your prep/speech time (I might keep prep but most probably not speech time) or if you can run an argument or if you should run _____ argument

If you want more info ask me before the round I might have forgotten some stuff.

Please dont call me judge. My name is Bajeel (Ba-jeel). Also please dont shake my hand or give me hug

Good Luck I hope you all do well

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX Octos Glenbrook South KW Little Rock Central MP Aff Aff on a 2-1
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX R7 Wylie E. Groves GG McDowell LK Aff
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 VCX R5 Hawken TZ Detroit Country Day LH Aff
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX R4 Casady WH Glenbrook North GS Neg
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX R3 Little Rock Central CR Glenbrook North DG Neg
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX R2 Glenbrook North KR Glenbrook South AD Neg
University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament 10/24/2018 NCX R1 New Trier FC Wylie E. Groves LW Neg
Niles North Viking Rumble 10/21/2017 NOV R4 Glenbrook North BS Maine East PP Neg
Niles North Viking Rumble 10/21/2017 NOV R3 Niles North CA Glenbrook North GS Neg
Niles North Viking Rumble 10/21/2017 NOV R1 Oak Park and River Forest SC New Trier MS Neg