Briana Griffin Paradigm

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I am a student at Arkansas State University studying political science and women and gender studies. I debated for four years in high school both within Arkansas and on the national circuit. Over these four years, I mainly focused on Lincoln- Douglas and was able to go to the National Tournament in this event. I also have experience in Congressional Debate and Public Forum, as well as knowledge on Policy Debate. I debated for A-State where I competed in Parliamentary Debate and started a Congress chapter for the school.

Evaluating the Debate

I really do not care what you run. I think debate is all about creativity and education. Creativity can be many things, including talking about what you're genuinely passionate about. This was my go-to strategy just because it allowed me to have more pathos and ethos within the round. I think debaters often get too carried away with trying to win the ballot that they forget about what they're talking about. Debate is certainly a game to be won, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the integrity of the content being delivered.

Some specific viewpoints:


I am not too fond of the idea that someone's ability to speak pretty should win them the round. However, I do believe it is the debater's job to ensure everyone can understand them. I am generally okay with speed, just as long as you're clear. With that being said, clarity is the most important thing, and you should never compromise it to read faster.

Also, it would be very helpful if you provide a concise road map before your speech. This is the only way I can ensure that everything you say will be taken into account. On that note, please try your best to signpost so I can evaluate things as clearly as possible.


I began debating the first year LD was introduced in Arkansas. Meaning, I am a very traditional person in that I believe some evaluation of framework is necessary to adequately evaluate the round. That does not mean I have to have a very traditional case. Framework can include a value, criterion, standard, role of the ballot, role of the judge, weighing mechanism, etc. The point is; framework is important to evaluate any case.

Please don't just say your framework either. Give me reasons why it matters in the round

K Debate

In high school I hated Kritics, and sometimes I still do. I think the issue, however, is not with kritics, it's with debaters who are unable to understand what they're talking about. Don't worry, on many occasions, I was that debater who had no clue what I was talking about. I do ask, please don't run this position to just do it. There has to be a clear analysis and explanation of the literature.


Okay, topicality is really weird in high school, and for some reason, debaters are frowned upon for running this position. I think topicality can be a really strategic move for many negative teams, just as long as there is a clear violation and the interpretations are not closely related.

Counter Plans or Disads

They're cool, I don't care if you run them. You don't have to say "counter advocacy" you can call it what it is. Just make sure you have a clear counterplan, and explain the difference between it and the aff. Perm debate is always necessary and is the best way for affirmative debaters to gain access to this offense. I do not think a perm is a shift in advocacy, it is a test in competition.


- Please do not be rude to me or your opponent(s)

(this does not mean you can't have a personality or be "sassy" as some would say.)

- Please be courteous to those around you and respect their identities.

- Giving me voting issues is the best way to ensure I know how you weigh the debate... this goes back to a framework

- I want to be on an email chain:

Pronouns: she/her

Note: Due to my busy lifestyle, I do not have a ton of background knowledge on these topics. So please do not assume I know all of your literature right off the bat.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
ACTAA High School March Regional HS 2021-03-07 VPF R3 6 Crow & Coussoule 2 Beck & Watkins Con
ACTAA High School March Regional HS 2021-03-07 VPF R1 15 Ray & Taylor 2 Hufford & Vasquez Con
Arkansas District Tournament HS 2021-02-11 BQ Semis 11 David Adams 6 Matthew Eddy Neg Neg 2-1
Arkansas District Tournament HS 2021-02-11 LD R4 2 Isabella Moody 6 COLBY Crihfield Aff
Arkansas District Tournament HS 2021-02-11 BQ R4 4 Andrew Flora 6 Matthew Eddy Neg
Arkansas District Tournament HS 2021-02-11 LD R3 14 Bailey Curry 3 Joelle Buckner Neg
ACTAA High School February Regional HS 2021-01-31 NLD R3 4 Isabella Parker 12 Ernesto Gutierrez Aff
ACTAA High School February Regional HS 2021-01-31 NLD R2 7 Dakota Young 4 Sawyer Giese Neg
ACTAA High School February Regional HS 2021-01-31 VLD R1 5 Jayce Pollard 7 Matthew Eddy Neg
ACTAA High School December Regional HS 2020-11-28 NLD R1 3 Remington Hicks 5 Christopher Meachum Aff
A State Throwdown in J Town 4 HS 2020-03-06 LD Final 5 Sara Hardin 5 Lexie Burns Neg Neg 2-1
A State Throwdown in J Town 4 HS 2020-03-06 PARLI R3 6 Harrison Mobbs 6 Evans & Wyatt Aff
A State Throwdown in J Town 4 HS 2020-03-06 PARLI R2 6 Schulte & Brinkley 6 Merrick & Saddler Aff