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Last changed 18 August 2022 4:44 PM CDT

i am an excruciatingly mid debater from a&m consolidated - i do pf, extemp, and policy

tldr: tech > truth, just don't be an idiot and/or say anything ____ist 



send speech doc/set up an email chain --> karinaji18@yahoo.com

send cards quickly if called for 

frontline everything in 2nd rebuttal


be nice

be funny

turn on your camera




be rude

be cringe

have sticky defense

extend via card name - extend warrants instead

run prog - i'm eh with theory (except paraphrase you should run that) but k's, tricks, etc are a no


call me judge

steal prep

bully novices


get speaks by making me laugh, flipping first, doing a bbl face for a minute straight in-round, playing the god save the queen while both partners salute a british flag for a minute during gcx - otherwise i'll start from a 28.5

will usually give oral feedback, feel free to post-round if there's time but tbh i probably won't know what i'm talking about

dm @kariinaji on instagram if you need to reach me

be confident in yourself, have fun, and slay it


(past) debaters that are pretty epic:

jeffrey song

alex rodgers

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
DebateHacks Season Opener HS 2022-08-20 PF Finals DebateHacks Liu & Bhushan DebateHacks Gandhi & Liu Neg Aff 11-6
DebateHacks Season Opener HS 2022-08-20 PF R5 DebateHacks Huang & Wu Ravenwood Kusumanchi & Mazumdar Aff
DebateHacks Season Opener HS 2022-08-20 PF R4 DebateHacks Liu & Bhushan Nuketown Nathanson & O'Toole Neg
DebateHacks Season Opener HS 2022-08-20 PF R2 BC Academy Gao & Kang DebateHacks Gandhi & Liu Neg
DebateHacks Season Opener HS 2022-08-20 PF R1 Sunset Lee & Jin DebateHacks Khanolkar & Srinivasan Neg