Kevin Kim Paradigm

Last changed 19 September 2015 4:02 PM EDT
  • I really like to see a lot of clash. If there is no clash on an argument, I will assume it to be dropped.
  • Be respectful. Being rude will make you lose speaker points, and if excessive, I will vote on it. There is a lot of pressure on debaters, but that is no excuse to be rude. As an educational activity, if you detract from the education by being rude to your opponent, I may vote against you.
  • I will not make any assumptions for you, so be very clear in your arguments and warrants so I interpret your argument the same way you do. Although I will flow most things, I will not weigh your arguments for you. If something is important, tell me.
  • I also enjoy people telling me the big picture. Tell me where you won and what I should vote off of. This lets me know your interpretation of the round and clarifies how you weigh your arguments.
  • Sign-posting and roadmaps are appreciated.
  • I don't really like speed. I realized at some point through this tournament that I'm rusty to the point where anything above a slow spread, especially when you get into more complex arguments, will be harder for me to keep up with. 
  • I do not vote on theory for the most part. It has to be really compelling. 
  • I will disclose, but will not disclose speaks. I will answer questions on RFD, but if you get argumentative, I will dock speaks. Do not try to convince me after I make my RFD. 

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD Rd 6 Syosset CM Livingston DR Aff
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD Rd 6 Harvard-Westlake LM North Allegheny Senior NS Aff
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD R4 Lake Highland Prep MCo Lincoln JN Aff
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD R2 McQuaid Jesuit FG Syosset JW Neg
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD R2 Millburn PH Heights JM Aff
Yale Invitational HS 2015-09-18 VLD R1 Collegiate DK Pine View MM Aff