Jack Belk Paradigm

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I'm from south florida and I did high school debate for four years (shoutout to St. Thomas BS). I love PF and the way I judge is pretty straight forward. 



Have you ever watched a finals round and wondered why the competitors don't spread? It's because this is PF. If you're spreading you're doing something wrong. Public forum is not about reading evidence quickly, it's about using evidence intelligently. 


Sign posting:

If you do not sign post in your case I will be very sad; especially if you're going to ignore my advice about reading quickly. 


The "tabula rasa" Judge Myth:

There's no such thing as a truly "blank slate" judge. I am not a blank slate. I will not take whatever you say at face value. If you say something that is outlandishly ridiculous, even if you're reading a card, you need to support whatever it is that you're saying with a solid explanation. It's not up to your opponents to prove you wrong, its up to you to prove yourself right. If you can do that though, then I'm all ears.


Use of Evidence:

Evidence is good. Logic is good. Logical evidence that is used effectively is great. Teams should read cards only when it is fundamental to the development of their argument. If you read a card and then never use it, it makes you look sloppy. Don't be sloppy. Read a card, explain it, interpret it, and then expand on it. I will read cards if your opponents call for it, and I'll probably call for cards myself. If you lie about evidence, or use a card so as to misconstrue the authors original intent, I will hate you forever, drop your lying ass, and call your mom to tell her what you did. 


Impacts, Weighing, and Framework:

I like when teams get creative. Pre-fiat impacts, discourse arguments, and alternative frameworks are all awesome. This resolution has the word "ought" in it. Please, for the love of God, talk about morality. When it comes to the final focus, you don't have to reread every card you used to make an argument, but if you don't even mention the argument at all, I can't weigh it. This is why good sign posting and organization early on is so important. Instead of having to waste time being redundant, you can say "Let's discuss the impacts of our first contention," and then go on to weigh or clarify your C1. I haven't forgotten what you said in your earlier speeches, you don't need to simply repeat yourself.


Best of luck!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Triple Byram Hills RK Hawken EL Aff Aff on a 2-1
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 5 Asthon PP University OW Aff
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 5 Asthon CE Half Hollow Hills CI Aff
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 3 Centennial MG Hunter College MM Neg
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 3 Scarsdale GQ Delbarton AH Aff
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 1 Pine View BS St Josephs Prep (PA) MV Aff
Yale Invitational 9/18/2015 PF Rd. 1 Boston Latin YY Byram Hills RK Aff