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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 23 October 2021 5:28 AM MST

Me as a judge- I like to take notes. I will try and keep the time, but please keep your own time as well. I did debate in high school, but I was firmly in impromptu.

Spreading- not too fast, please!

You may call me Bree, or judge.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Viking Clash HS 2021-10-23 BQ R4 VT 1607 WC 1611 Aff
Viking Clash HS 2021-10-23 LD R3 VG 1205 WA 1219 Neg
Viking Clash HS 2021-10-23 BQ R2 VN 1603 VM 1602 Neg
Region 1 HS 2021-02-27 PF R4 AC 601 AE 603 Aff