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Argument specific things

FW v K Aff: I think that affs should defend hypothetical government action. With that being said it is still a debate and I will vote for the team that wins the debate. I do think fairness is an impact in and of itself, I don't think it is a big impact but I don't think it needs to be. For affs to win my ballot you are better off to go for a larger impact turn to framework/T than to go for smaller args shotgunned in the 2ac. I also don't find T/FW to be inherently violent or exclusionary granted like every argument in debate it can be deployed in a violent way, ie the neg explicitly making arguments about x team should leave debate ect. however in a world where that has not been done I am unlikely to find those arguments persuasive. I have also struggled to understand arguments about "structural" fairness in the context of how it is offense for the aff. The most important thing a 2nr/2ar can do in these debates however is do impact calc and if done well you will probably end up with my ballot.

CP: They are great as long as they are competitive. Textual and functional competition both have a time and their place, and same goes for positional competition. I tend to be pretty lenient to accepting 2nc counterplans as long as you can defend it, to me its all just part of the condo debate.

T: It is a voting issue but never a reverse voting issue, competing interps make more sense to me than reasonability, along with limits arguments when your going for T.

DAs: they are fantastic, I’m fine with generic link ev as long as it gets contextualized at some point. Impact calc is great and should be a part of every 2nc/2nr.

Theory- I will have a very high threshold for rejecting the team with the exception of conditionality. with that being said I have an overwhelming bias that conditionality is good as long as it does not force contradictions in the block.

Ks: I think of Ks as a cp with a net benefit, the more specific it is to the aff the more likely I am to vote on it. I’m not well read in lit at all so explanation goes a long way. I think you should have a somewhat specific link to the aff. I do feel like at the end of the debate the aff should get to weigh the 1ac, in what context is up for debate but im very hard to convince otherwise. Link of omissions are nonstarters. My advice is go for what you are most comfortable with and I will do my best as a judge to leave my biases at the door and evaluate the debate.

Other things/pet peeves

-I think there is a fine line between being an ass and being competitive. If done well your speaks will be rewarded but if done wrong you will not be happy with them rule of thumb don’t be an ass, be respectful and have fun.

-physically mark your cards

- you must physically read the rehighlighting of the other teams cards simply saying “I have inserted a rehighlighting here” is not an argument in any sense please read the card. The only exception to this is if it is a small part of a card and you have explained the argument it makes in your speech.

-Clipping will result with a loss with 0 speaks. I do follow along in speech docs so if I see you doing it I won’t hesitate. If you call someone out for it you must have audio evidence of it.

If you have read this far good for you, the thing that matters the most is if you have fun, good luck to everyone.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Kanellis Invitational 2/21/2020 NCX R6 Glenbrook North FG Iowa City West SC Neg
Kanellis Invitational 2/21/2020 VCX R5 Oak Park and River Forest KR Glenbrook North KS Aff
Kanellis Invitational 2/21/2020 VCX R4 Maine East TS Blue Valley Northwest BS Neg
Kanellis Invitational 2/21/2020 VCX R3 Glenbrook South CG Lansing AD Neg
Kanellis Invitational 2/21/2020 VCX R2 Glenbrook North MS Glenbrook South LK Neg
DUDA HS Tournament 1 10/6/2018 VCX 3 JBS Law Magnet Easley & Krieger Bryan Adams Guerra & Camacho Neg
DUDA HS Tournament 1 10/6/2018 VCX 2 School of Science and Engineering Magnet Rahman & Diaz JBS Law Magnet Compean & De La Paz Aff
DUDA HS Tournament 1 10/6/2018 VCX 1 JBS Law Magnet Compean & De La Paz Barak Obama Male Leadership Cabrera & Brown Aff