Cameron Jones Paradigm

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Last updated December 2018

Debated at Olathe Northwest for 4 years in both DCI style and KDC style debate

Currently at Kansas State University but am not doing debate

please email me with further questions:


This is a working paradigm that will and should change with each round and new arguments I see. If you have any questions I would love for you to ask them to me before the round. For most arguments- if you don't understand what you are reading and can't explain it to me clearly, I will not take the time to figure it out my self (understand what you read!!) With that said- I am fine with almost any argument you read as long as you can do the work to explain whatever link, impact, alt, etc. I should be voting on.


I did fast debate for three years in high school and judge occasionally, so please feel free to speak the speed you personally would like to. If you are going to spread then please slow down for cites, tags, and dates. Also please slow down on T and Theory. I would like to have the speech docs.


I ran T in almost every single 1NC, but rarely went for T unless it was a blatant and unquestionable violation. That being said, I will vote on T with a violation of the resolution but it needs to be apparent and both teams need to be doing the work and engaging in the debate to tell me what standards I should evaluate.


I also ran theory in many rounds in high school, but unless there is a debate that is expanded upon with embedded clash I probably won't vote on something that took 10 seconds to say and no further work was done on it. As for framework, make sure both teams do the work to explain why their framework outweighs the other.


I ran generic DA's almost every round in high school and won many rounds doing so. As long as you can explain to me why their aff links to a DA you can run in every round I have no problem voting on it. I like specific DA's too. With any DA make sure to explain to me the link (or many links) to the aff and do impact work in explaining why the DA is the worst case scenario. I will vote on terminal impacts. And impact turns can be very strategic if done right. This would be a good strategy in front of me.


When I had the right judge I ran quite a few K's too. I mostly ran the general K's and will understand up to a certain point. That being said- I am perfectly fine with you running whatever K you want, but if you don't understand it I probably won't be able to either. Additionally, if you are going to run a K that is not 'common' then make sure you spend a little extra time explaining the links and the alt and how it would relate to the round.

As for K aff's that aren't commonly understood- I ran one for a short time in high school and tbh probably didn't understand any of it- I think this would be okay to run in front of me if you can do the work to explain it, but if it is something that you, me, and the other team aren't going to understand then I would suggest not running it.


I like all types of CP's, I ran quite a few different CP's in high school. I like advantage CP's for solving for part of the aff. If you are going to run a CP as an off case, make sure to explain the net benefit to me (now the NB doesn't have to be a whole new DA, if you can articulate to me a creative NB I will consider it. Aff- make sure to do work on the perms, I really enjoy creative perms that makes the neg answer them directly. Arguments like no solvency work well for me on CP's.

Other notes:

~Open cross is fine within reason

~Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are NEVER okay

~Rude comments about the other teams speaking stlye, clothing, arguments, etc. are also NEVER okay

~I would like the speech docs please

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 DCI Sem 3 McCarthy & Wright 17 Babcock & Babcock Neg Neg on a 3-0
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 DCI Qtr 8 Flory & Stella 17 Smith & White Neg Neg on a 3-0
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 KDC R5 24 Hoffman & Harbour 15 Hunter & Ali Neg
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 DCI R3 14 Hassell & Schroeder 15 Reddy & Walsh Neg
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 KDC R2 23 Carr & Martin 24 Reed & Lynn Neg
ONW Debate Invitational 10/4/2019 DCI R1 3 Cathey & Valverde 17 Botkin & Reynolds Neg