Saharsh Madullapalli Paradigm

Last changed 8 August 2021 3:14 PM PDT

A little bit about me:

  • I am a flow judge

  • I flow everything, and I look at cards to see if they are real, even if opponents don't want to see them

  • I need a speech doc if someone reads over 230 wpm

  • If someone speaks over 200 wpm, the opponents can tell the other team to speak slower

  • I do Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas and NO SPEECH EVENTS

  • I choose the winner based on my flow (if something doesn't get onto my flow, it won't have a role in who the winner is)

  • I disclose only if both teams are okay with that

  • Be nice, and don't just claim things

  • I may ask for cards if I see a team claiming a crazy thing

  • I do not consider anything "common sense" so I won't listen to a team who tries to tell me that their claim is true because it is "common sense"

  • I always know the topics very well, and I can smell lies from a mile away, so I will note if a team tries to lie

PF Specific:

Theory: If you run theory, you have to explain it very well. I'll buy any sort of theory, as long as it is well explained.

Evidence/Cards: Paraphrasing cards is allowed. but people may not misuse cards in anyway (e.x. adding words into a cut card).

Prog: If you run progs, then just explain them very well. I'm not very experienced with Progs, so if you want me to buy those arguments, you have to talk in a simple way and explain yourself very clearly.

Cases: I don't allow counterplans in PF (you shouldn't run counterplans anyways) and I also don't like cases with 4 or more contentions because then it's just way too many arguments to flow.

DA's: I allow running DA's in your case as long as you explain them well.

Rebbutals: Rebbutals must respond to every single case argument of then I consider those arguments dropped.

Summary/Final Focus: I will evaluate stuff brought up in summary as long as it is a response made against a rebuttal argument. Weighing must be brought up in summary, or then I will not evaluate it. Also, new points may not be brought up in final focus.

Tech > Truth but the sky is still blue

LD Specific:

Cases: Please don't run more than one counterplan (it just ruins your side)

Constructive: The neg must respond to the aff case or then I will consider the arguments dropped.

Rebbutals: Neg can't bring up new responses in the 2NR unless it's a response made in the 1AR. Also, I personally really hate it when teams bring up new evidence in the 2AR.

Value Premise: A value premise, in my opinion, should be a maximum of 3 words. I don't like when a team's value premise is an entire sentence. Also, it must connect to your case, or then I will assume the other persons' value premise.

Value Criterion: A value criterion must relate to the value premise. If not, then I will disregard the value premise and value criterion.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The 2nd Annual Quarantine Classic MS 2021-07-22 PF Quarte Holy Lake Mary ZK Taiwan Junior High Independent LL Aff Aff 3-0
The 2nd Annual Quarantine Classic HS 2021-07-22 PF R4 Montgomery Blair WC Sturgis JS Aff
The 2nd Annual Quarantine Classic MS 2021-07-22 PF R3 Pu Tai LH Taiwan Junior High Independent LL Neg