LaJuan Foust Paradigm

Last changed 17 November 2021 10:46 AM EST

Former Speech competitor (high school & college), well used debate judge and coach. Formerly, Speech Coach & Co-director at Delbarton (you could probably find my earlier paradigm with a simple search on here) and now working at The Haverford School. The 21/22 school year is my 22nd? year involved in this activity in some fashion. I've been doing this too long, give me a reason to keep doing it (part joke/part not).

In Interp, I am pro-argument, especially after competing at the college level for a couple years. This can really separate you from the opposition. Sometimes, I can break a ranking tie just by which one I liked better. When that happens, I always say something like "I just liked [the 1] better" or "I connected with [those other two] more". If I constantly harp about an issue and you get a 4 or something like that, you should be able to infer why. Also, see the last sentence of my Extemp & IMP expectations section below.

In PA Events, I give you a list of grievances: Phony/Robotic/Overly Practiced or rehearsed gestures, rushed through points, and not letting your jokes hit. You have to take your time and let your stories and jokes hit.

In Extemp & IMP, tie everything back to your thesis. I am not a fan of personal stories/references in the body of a speech, unless as witty on-tops in extemp or AGDs. I quasi-flow speeches, so don't be surprised if a decent chunk of your ballot is just me writing down what you said or what you said with comments (like "Huh?", "What are you doing?" or "Ooooooh! Nice!").

Number of PF Rounds judged in career: Can safely say in the hundreds
Number of PF Rounds judged 21/22 year: 1

I've been judging PF since it began, so I've heard the infamous NBA dress code topic & remember the cancelled mosque topic. I say this because I am very old school in my approach, leave LD (even though I have experience there and miss judging that...I think) and Policy (NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!) out of the round.

I am a 50/50 judge in terms of content/argument and delivery. I am big on clash, but don't use that to say that you should win the round because your opponents did not counter Con. 5, Sub 8 or junk like that. If the foundation of your argument is, for example, Utilitarianism and the opposition never talks about it in their rebuttals, then you're more likely to get my ballot. I also like to use standard logic. Also, as some folks at Columbia '18 & '19 probably know, I hear your misspeaks very easily. Be careful with word choice. I do like to flow if I have my legal pad with me, it may look more like a Parli flow, but you shouldn't really be looking at my flow anyway.

Cards are starting to get REALLY ANNOYING. Don't just ask for cards. There better be a darn good reason.
I don't mind off-time road maps.

I hate E-ballots. Don't be surprised if I give oral RFDs and leave your ballot blank (especially if I am told that "the internet is spotty").

If you speak later on a bill, I would love it if you referred to others' speeches. I know I am only judging, but you should be trying to convince me to vote on your side of the bill. Seriously treat me as if I am another Congressperson.

I think I judged only 3 rounds in the last decade going into the 2020 Villiger. I will say that I heard what I believe is circuit LD at Columbia 2019 while waiting for the PF semis to end. I was extremely disappointed in the speed and the decision to exchange cases purely because of said speed. So I guess I'm even more traditional here than I am in PF.

I have experience competing in, judging, and/or coaching LD, PF, Parli, Congress, and Speech. So plan accordingly.

Good luck!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
PHSSL D10 D15 November Virtual Tournament HS 2021-11-18 JVPF R2 Garnet Valley Debate Team WB Harriton PC Con
PHSSL D10 D15 November Virtual Tournament HS 2021-11-18 VPF R1 Harriton CK Lower Merion PA Pro
PHSSL Districts 10 and 15 State Qualifier DEBATE HS 2021-02-18 10LD R3 AB Aishwarya Gowrishankar AE Owen Lester Neg
PHSSL Districts 10 and 15 State Qualifier DEBATE HS 2021-02-18 15LD R2 AD Elizabeth Qian AP Shruti Meenakshi Aff
PHSSL Districts 10 and 15 State Qualifier DEBATE HS 2021-02-18 10LD R1 AK Christopher Tufaro AE Sam Palmer Neg
Columbia University Invitational HS 2021-01-28 VLD R5 Scarsdale SV Charlotte Latin LH Neg
Columbia University Invitational HS 2021-01-28 VLD R3 Bronx Science IP Charlotte Latin SP Neg
Columbia University Invitational HS 2021-01-28 VLD R2 Cardinal Gibbons ZD Harrison MB Aff
Villiger 41 HS 2020-11-19 VLD Semis Unionville DJ Collegiate PJ Neg Aff 2-1
Villiger 41 HS 2020-11-19 NLD R4 Woodrow Wilson MW La Salle TP Neg
Villiger 41 HS 2020-11-19 VLD R2 Woodrow Wilson TM Bronx Science AS Aff
Villiger 41 HS 2020-11-19 VLD R1 Bronx Science SA Cary NS Neg