Hunter Crawford

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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 31 October 2020 2:49 AM MST

I’m more of a policy maker judge. I prefer to see good policy passed and i want it to be reasonable. Ks are ok for Cx and i like to see a civil round.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 NPF R4 DL Medina & Wiegand CW Anantha & Teh Con
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 NLD R3 BM Brayden Metcalf BB Sascha Mizelle Aff
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 NLD R2 BB Jackson Neishabouri DL Adeline Conaway Aff
EastJackson Novice Workshop HS 2020-10-31 LD R3 AA Brayden Metcalf AF Madison Kelly Aff Aff 2-0