Kajol Kapadia Paradigm

Last changed 3 January 2018 3:54 AM MST

Hi I’m Kajol Kapadia! I’m a current student at Arizona State University and I’m studying Exonomics with a minor in history. In high school I participated in Policy Debate and Public Forum Debate, at ASU I’m a member of the Forensics team and compete in Policy Debate.

In terms of debate, I’m fine with speed and most arguments (including Kritiks). However, I haven’t seen a theory argument that I’m particularly fond of yet, but if you’re good at theory, go for it.

I’m okay with both partners speaking in cross-ex. If your partner says something during your speech I’ll flow it if you repeat it.

Keep good flows, if you flow, I’ll flow. Make sure you answer all arguments.

Overall, just be polite to your competitors and have a good Debate.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational 2018-01-05 VPF R1 Presentation VM Dougherty Valley SH Pro