Brett Jordan

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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 15 February 2022 7:14 AM CDT

Forensics = undecided

Policy debate = cool

Beat Manning & Schrock at T High AND at Shawnee Mission NorthEast PFD. laughing

BV 2024. tongue-out

Literally in love with my debate partner ! kiss

Best debater in the state of Kansas. innocent

Lib-right based anarcho cap. money-mouth

he/him cool

self taught debater. kiss

twitter: @brettjordan24 innocent

discord: winston#5410 yell

instagram: @brettjordan24 cool

snapchat: brettjordan24 wink

email: laughing


Don't thank me, it wastes mine and your time.yell

Don't clip or violate evidence ethics. I'll vote against you instantly.yell

Don't be mean.cry

Please use speechdrop! No email chains! They suck! laughing


I am NOT a policy maker in this debate so don't treat me as one. cool

Open cross & open speeches are typically good but agree before the round. embarassed

Please flow so you don't miss stuff. frown

A dropped arg is a true arg. laughing

I don't flow cross so say whatever. yell

I hate voting on T unless aff is clearly untopical. laughing

Condo = bad but I won't vote unless aff points it out. foot-in-mouth

Specific links are good but general works! smile

Spread or not, I really don't care. cool

I usually default aff unless neg provides a reason not to. so, run off case !! surprised

Disclosure is good and you should. I'll consider voting on disclosure if you have a good block. cry

I don't like Ks but I'll vote on it if aff butchers the argument. wink

Prep is overrated. laughing

Tabula Rasa judge. sealed

Tech > Truth. embarassed

You must ask at least one question about my paradigm to make me feel good about myself. ! laughing

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Blue Valley West Novice Invitational HS 2021-12-04 N R2 Lawrence Free State Oertel & Cross Blue Valley West Silswal & Musti Neg
Blue Valley West Novice Invitational HS 2021-12-04 N R1 Lansing Staton & Opperman Blue Valley West Aitha & Gorrepati Neg