Carolina (Care) Lopez-Herrera Paradigm

Last changed 11 January 2021 5:11 PM EDT


***Please include me in the email chain:

I am originally from the Greater Los Angeles, California area. I participated in debate in high school, mainly focused on Lincoln-Douglass Debates.

Currently, I am on the University of Houston Debate team, focusing primarily on policy debate. Outside of debate, I am a Political Science and Philosophy Double Major with an interest in going into law school.

My number one thing is please be respectful and kind. We all here to learn and have fun. Especially during these difficult times, please be welcoming. I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed.

2. Since, everything is virtual, please ask if everyone is ready before speaking. Also, I am very understanding of technical issues, if you have a technical issue, please just let me know.

3. The Aff should have a direct relation to the topic and it should be addressed from the beginning.

4. Please respond to the other team! Do not just simply continue your team's argument. There needs to be a balance between responding to the other team's arguments and then elaborating on yours.

5. With DA's, please be clear and direct about its impact. The impact should be evident and clearly stated. The better the impact, the higher probability that the DA serves its purpose.

6. Counter Plans should specify how doing the CP would be better than just doing the Aff. Just introducing the CP will probably not be enough.

7. I am quite fascinated by Kritiks, they can be extremely fun. Although, do not forget to keep linking it to the original topic. It is easy to continue reading Kritiks and forget to remind the others of its relevance. Please continue articulating on its topicality.

8. Feel free to ask questions at the end! There are no dumb questions! If you believe there are dumb questions do exist, believe me, I have asked thousands of "dumb" questions, so I may be the perfect person to ask!

Good luck, everyone!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The Cougar Classic at the University of Houston HS 2021-01-14 NCX Octos SilCre GK Westwo TT Neg Neg 3-0
The Cougar Classic at the University of Houston HS 2021-01-14 NCX R1 Westwo OP LanCre DA Aff