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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 14 May 2022 2:31 AM PDT

Peninsula '25 (hopefully) Princeton, Yale, Harvard, or Stanford '29 (definitely)

Put me on the email chain:

I will never vote for the regulatory negotiation counterplan. Under any circumstances.

I will drop you for using mac. Non-negotiable.

Firm believer in all disciplines being equal- besides mental evaluation it must also be physical- post-round you will physically combat the other team (or because of online debate challenge them to a clash royale match) to determine speaker points and I will give the winner a piece of chocolate- this also means I am persuaded by a challenge of a physical confrontation in the 1ac in order to determine the ballot.

My memory isn't great so please recite every piece of evidence you would like to extend word-for-word

If I see a plantext, auto L and 25 speaks

Condo is bad. Negation theory ONLY justifies the squo

Vagueness is almost always good- if I can't understand what the aff or alt does by the end of the round that motivates a ballot not to mention the strategic benefits

Ground and Grounds is the same word

Truth > Tech- I do not flow and will be evaluating the debate purely based on cards

RVIs are very persuasive- requires significant negative investment to convince me not to vote on it and that time investment just proves skew further

I will not disclose personal moral beliefs- however if you violate any it will make it almost impossible to vote for you

Trump won the election. Take from that what you will. "Biden solves" will result in a 25 and auto-loss.

Do not look me in the eyes during cross-ex- I will view it as a challenge of my authority and any mongrels who dare gaze into the void will be consumed

Argue with the other team after the round to determine my decision- look to pf grand cross for an example

Feeding into the previous vagueness point- this applies to speaking too- I will believe you if you say you finished a card unconditionally and accusations of clipping will be punished

My _ key is broken- please do not say any word with an _ in it or I will not be able to flow it and be irritated

Make an obscure reference to (insert unknown debater) for 0.1 extra speaks!

Please warn me when you're about to start the speech with a 10 second countdown and get verbal confirmation by everyone in the room individually that they're ready for you to start- it's important everyone is ready.

If you will feel triggered by anything in round please tell me and you can stand outside- however, I will evaluate it as a normal argument and will consider it dropped if not responded to- exposure theory has been proven to work.

Please pronounce all punctuation verbally- it prevents me from flowing effectively if you do not.


Actual paradigm:

CX is open and binding

Spreading is fine

Clipping is an auto-win- just not for you.

Debate what you do well- a high level, clean debate will change my preferences easily and get everyone involved high speaks

Willing to vote on most arguments- please try to keep slurs to a minimum however

Not great for a K aff- but if you're reading one in middle school, maybe reconsider in the first place

CP: Default legitimacy ranking would be Advantage > PIC > Uniqueness > Agent > Process (stuff like international fiat or word pics changes the ranking drastically)- doesn't mean I automatically vote on process cps bad- but it's reciprocal- sus counterplans will grant sussy perms or comically large aff pivots.

DA: Federalism is a bad DA but if you out tech them I'll vote on it- link is always harder for you to win than for them to disprove though. Just read states + politics, please. Contextualizing the link will do wonders, and an concrete internal link explanation is crucial. Good impact calc is swag + W. Rider DAs one of the only probably illegit ones, but win your interp of fiat.

K: Doing high level framework is not only hugely beneficial on both sides but nets you good speaks- but don't neglect the other parts of the K, which are all crucial to winning- don't read a K because you think they'll drop the fancy words, read it because you're ready to win this argument to a higher degree than you would have to a DA.

T: Topicality usually comes down to evidence quality. If you're decidedly right about the meaning of a word, then you'll probably win. If there's some ambiguity in this, then case-lists help your case better than a generic under/over-limiting block.

Theory: Condo probably good, won't vote on theory without a well-developed abuse story and conclusive impact calc- even if dropped, a one sentence blip in the 2ac doesn't constitute a full reject the team argument and I'll be very lenient with new contextualization and cross applications.

Feel free to ask about the decision- I encourage it. It's really helpful for growth to understand how you could have improved your speech and even more so to actually do it (redos!).

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Middle School TOC hosted by UK HS 2022-05-13 CX Octafi ADL CH Quarry Lane CG Neg Neg 3-0
Middle School TOC hosted by UK MS 2022-05-13 CX R3 SA Harlem West TJ ADL ChHu Neg
Middle School TOC hosted by UK MS 2022-05-13 CX R2 SA Harlem West SO ADL SP Aff
Middle School TOC hosted by UK HS 2022-05-13 CX R1 Berkeley Prep RR ADL KH Aff
Philhistorian Middle School and High School Championship MS 2022-03-26 MLDJF R4 Princeton Middle School Independent EL Golden State NK Neg
Philhistorian Middle School and High School Championship MS 2022-03-26 MCXO R2 SA Harlem West JS ModernBrain HL Neg
Philhistorian Middle School and High School Championship MS 2022-03-26 MSCXP R1 SA East Flatbush PS SA Far Rockaway KC Neg
Peninsula Invitational MS 2022-01-22 MSCX Semi SA Hudson Yards AL SA Harlem West SO Neg Neg 3-0
Peninsula Invitational MS 2022-01-22 MSCX R4 FairSA KL SA Harlem West ST Aff
Peninsula Invitational MS 2022-01-22 MCCXp R3 SADit MH SAHar MS Neg
Peninsula Invitational MS 2022-01-22 MCCXp R2 SAHud AM SAEas JM Aff
Peninsula Invitational MS 2022-01-22 MCCXp R1 SAHud BK SAHar MD Aff
Middle school CX debates MS 2021-11-12 CX R2 ModernBrain BZ ModernBrain LY Neg
Middle school CX debates MS 2021-11-12 CX R1 ModernBrain LZ ModernBrain JY Aff
Middle School Policy 926 MS 2021-09-26 CX R3 ModernBrain CC SA East Flatbus RB Neg
Middle School Policy 926 MS 2021-09-26 CX R2 ModernBrain SW ModernBrain XY Neg
Middle School Policy 926 MS 2021-09-26 CX R1 ModernBrain XY ModernBrain BY Aff