Michael Byers Paradigm

Last changed 17 October 2020 2:49 PM CDT

University of Texas at Austin '23 (Business Honors & Accounting) - he/him

email for evidence/further inquiry: michaelbyers@utexas.edu

Policy Debate Paradigm:

I am a stock issues judge. I do not solely base my ballot on these issues but they are very important to me.

Please speak clearly. If I cannot understand you, I am less likely to flow your arguments. For this reason, I do not really enjoy spreading, but if you feel the need..go for it/ I won't mark off on the validity of arguments for this only speaker points.

I am generally laid back about the types of arguments ran during a round, however, I am less likely to vote on kritiks and theory arguments.

Please stay professional, I will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind. There is never a reason to be blatantly rude in a debate round.

Most importantly have fun and learn something!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VCX R4 Hallsville Chloe Wade & Anna McFarland Brock Bradyn Gentsch & Andrew White Neg
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VCX R3 Odessa Permian Alan Lopez & Michael Galindo Grandview Seo Young Ha & Meritt Stanford Neg
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VULD R2 Princeton Layla Isaac Boswell Nathan Horton Neg
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 NCX R2 Tyler Legacy Brantly Hooper & Camden Howard MERIDIAN WORLD SCHOOL Ryan Wood & Sage Westrick Aff
Salado UIL Speech and Debate 3 HS 2020-11-21 VLD R4 Bridge City Blake Johnston Olney Sarah Green Aff