Mona Rigdon Paradigm

Last changed 6 March 2021 3:18 AM CDT

I firmly believe policy debate should focus on the policy - and that the point of the debate is education.

Simplified: The resolution was chosen for a reason. All teams have spent countless hours (hopefully) researching, thinking critically about, and formulating a plan that answers the resolution topic thoughtfully and intelligently. Don't muck up a debate about criminal justice reform talking about LBTQ rights or increasing teacher pay (I'm all for both of these, by the way) unless it somehow legitimately ties into criminal justice reform. I don't care if you think the resolution is not the most important issue right now - it is the most important issue in this debate and should be given it's due respect. I'm good with CP's DA's and even the occasional K (though I rarely vote for the K), but let's keep it real and on topic. I want to see that you can listen to and think critically about, then civilly debate one another's ideas about the topic given to you.

It would be hard for me to support that coconut candy is the best because, well, it just isn't. But I can hear someone else's argument, critique it, make compelling arguments against it and then promote my thought that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the world's finest food. If someone makes the argument that coconut candy is the best, and I start saying, "Who cares about coconut candy? Big Bang Theory is better!" no one wants to listen to that disjointed conversation. As a judge, I want you to draw me in and show me what you have as far as thinking and communicating, not reading pre-planned arguments that are not even relevant.

Spreading is fine so long as it isn't so fast or unintelligible as to complicate the round and put an unfair burden on the other team. Slowing down for tag lines is good, but tag lines alone do not convey the details of your case. All of it should be intelligible.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Hallsville UIL Speech Debate Tournament HS 2021-10-02 CX R2 W Horton & Skinner G Palmer & Saccoccio Neg
Hallsville UIL Speech Debate Tournament HS 2021-10-02 CX R1 S Hawkins & Adams E Owen & Langford Aff
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VCX R2 Hooks Hornets Jayden Baird & James DeAnda Grandview Haley Jenkins & Skyler Schmidt Neg
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VCX R1 Bellville Morgan Hesters & Cody Michalik Chapel Hill Jasmine Zaragoza & Nicole Sekulic Neg
Salado UIL Tournament that Teaches HS 2020-10-03 NCX R2 Gainesville Mackenzie Manning & Ava Blaskovich Cisco Elana Spangler & Ariana Swindler Aff
Salado UIL Tournament that Teaches HS 2020-10-03 NCX R1 Lindale Jakob Davenport & Steven Berthiaume Grandview Haitham Al-Madani & William Mathis Aff
Princeton HS UIL Fall Classic HS 2020-09-24 CX R2 Independence Kalkunte & Parupati Olney Livingston & Hinson Neg
Princeton HS UIL Fall Classic HS 2020-09-24 CX R1 Olney Pham & Arce El Campo Viktorin & Ramirez Aff
Lindale Fall TFA HS 2020-09-16 VCX R3 Caney Creek Leonardo Ambrosio & Halle DiValentone Lovejoy Jack Czyz & Mitchell Laman Aff