Joseph Ritter Paradigm

Last changed 16 January 2021 8:09 AM CDT

Hey, y'all! I joined my high school's Speech and Debate team in my senior year as an interper. Although I mainly focused on Poetry I also competed in POI and DI. After much work throughout that year, I ended up qualifying for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in DI. Below is what I look for in different events.

Interp (POE, PRO, HI, DI, POI, DUO)- In these pieces, I look for a connection to the character. I want to see a completely different person from your teaser and your intro. If there are multiple characters in your piece that you portray I want to see a very noticeable shift between who you came from and who you are now. I also prefer it if you do not break the fourth wall throughout your whole piece. I know and believe there are times where breaking can be beautiful and very effective, but if overdone it loses its meaning and power. In the events with a book I look for a tight "v" shape throughout your piece in POE and PRO, and when you are in your intro I like a central diamond shape. In POI I want to see your book represent be used for multiple things. The more creative the better.

Speeches (Informative, OO, Extempt)- In these, I really look at familiarity with the piece and if there are any personal/vulnerable moments in them. The more personalization you have in your piece the more I will enjoy it. I want to know more about who you are when you when I get done watching your speech.

All Events- In every event not only will I be looking for the above, but I will also be looking for the following: familiarity of the piece/speech, the flow of your piece/speech, your engagement of the audience, personalization, and the individual technicalities.

LD- In LD I look primarily for which debater can hold their side and is the strongest in their argument. I don't like a ton of one side slamming the other side about how they are wrong unless you are going to explain why. In cross-examinations, I also look for what side has the best questions to get what they want out of their opponent and how the person answering the questions answers. Do you use evidence? Do you stay true and mention your argument to further prove your point?

Good luck and I look forward to watching your pieces, speeches, and debates.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
UIL District 4 4A HS 2021-03-27 LD RD 2 133 105 Neg
Lindale Invitational HS 2021-01-13 VULD R1 Joshua Anthony McDaniel Atlanta Cademon Larson Aff