Phyllis Tucker Paradigm

Last changed 14 September 2020 6:50 AM CDT

LD Paradigm

I prefer a case directly centered around the value and criteria. I am ok with facts and statistic, but being a value debate arguing facts will not necessarily win my ballot. I flow the cases and write extensive ballots so there is not a question as to how I vote. I like a communication round, so I am not a fan of speed or spreading. If an argument is dropped, I will not vote on that drop unless the opponent points out the drop. I pay close attention during CX time and how the q and a are used in follow up speeches. I am not a fan of pre-written argumentation on the resolution when it is read in isolation to the arguments presented in an individual’s case. I like a good strong final speech and will weigh voters. I like to judge JV debaters and help grow them as speakers using the comments I make on my ballot. I do not like to disclose. I do like to keep my own time because I like to see how the debater utilizes his/her time. I am NOT a policy judge, so policy terms are not going to sway my decision.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Fall Open Hosted by La Vernia and Johnson HS 2020-09-19 LD Qtrs Charis Key Mateo Rios Neg