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Pronouns: She/Her

Hi I'm Emma! I competed for Lindale High School Fall 2016-Spring 2020 with almost all interp and speaking events. I currently attend The University of North Texas. Here is a list of some things that strike my fancy(in no particular order) in interp events:

1) POLISHED! It's easy to tell how much work someone has put into their program. I want to see the effort and love you have given into your piece.

2) PASSION! When I was in high school, interp was a way that I could express my passions in an artistic way. When I can hear, see, feel your passion, I will inherently connect more with your piece.

3) CHARACTERIZATION! If your piece has more than one character, I want to be able easily tell the difference. Whether that is a physical change, vocal change, or both, make sure that your audience knows who, what, why, etc. While it is not a necessity, bold and unique characters are also something I look for.

And a list of the things I look for in speaking events:

1) Again, POLISHED! In prepared speaking events especially, a polished speaking style can easily be something that sets you apart from other competitors. A few stumbles here and there are no biggie, but your overall presentation should be well-prepared.

2) UNIQUENESS! There are definitely trends that exist in all s&d events, so it's refreshing to listen to a speech about something other than those trendy topics.

3) RESEARCH! It's a given that all speaking events require some magnitude of research, but credible, calculated, and interesting research will give you a leg up.

My biggest thing is respect for your competitors. This activity should be for lifting each other up, giving humans cool opportunities, and getting totally educated!

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Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
East Central TFA IQT HS 2020-11-07 PF Semis Brandon Mika & Ezekiel Sanders Simran Patel & Nafia Lalani Aff Aff 2-1