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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 11 June 2022 12:30 AM MST

Congressional Debate: I've done congress for the majority of my career; I know what I'm doing and looking for in competitors, as well as the rules of the round and common practice (Robert's Rules, etc).

The three main things I focus on are clarity, presentation, and clash.

You must present yourself professionally and succinctly, while also building a comprehensive case. This doesn't mean you have to dumb things down (I actually really love high-vocab and intellectual comprehension/interpretation of rules/congressional legal lingo), just don't try to elaborate unnecessarily on previously made points or talk a point to death once it has been introduced into the debate. It is also great to acknowledge previously made speeches, especially if you are citing work from a fellow house/senate member. I have a very high regard for civility, particularly in questioning period. Don't be rude, in short.

I know whether or not you actually know what you're talking about, as well, so unless you're capable of making a good on-the-spot extemporaneous speech or point, don't bother. Along with that point, you should be getting through as many questions in QP as possible: this is another dead giveaway as to whether or not you really know your stuff and gives you the opportunity to elaborate more upon previously made statements and really get your idea and presence out there. I may be biased, but I find Congress to be one of if not the most powerful and graceful forms of debate, and when done well, it is nothing shy of dazzling; live to your fullest potential in this regard!

Finally, there should be solid clash and new points being presented AT LEAST every three speeches (both aff and neg). Unless there is actual debate going on on the same point for several consecutive speeches, don't drag out an argument for longer than it needs to be- no it doesn't make you look smart or edgy. 

LD: Extensive background in this as well. Once again, I can see right through you.

Main focuses are clarity, clash, strong and assertive cross ex, and related value/criterion pairings- make sure to really reinforce and affirm exactly why it is that they go together, and continually reference and tie them into your speeches throughout the round

Off-time roadmaps are also much appreciated!

POFO: This should NOT look like an LD round, and should operate much more like policy. Do NOT tell me anything about a value or morality set. Automatic red flag.

I love to see effective tag-teaming that shows whether or not your team is in-sync and mentally present during debate. There is a difference between carrying them and working WITH them. Make sure all your questions reflect such as well. Always go over VOTERS!!

Policy: Essentially the same things as POFO. I want clarity, efficacy, and voters. Do not set up your speech/give your speech during a QP.

It is my sincere honour and pleasure to work with you all. Good luck!!  :))

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Skyline Grizzly Growl HS 2022-02-04 OPF R4 7 GM 10 HM Pro
Skyline Grizzly Growl HS 2022-02-04 VLD R3 2 ED 10 CJ Neg
Skyline Grizzly Growl HS 2022-02-04 VLD R3 8 EG 2 JC Aff
Skyline Grizzly Growl HS 2022-02-04 VLD R2 9 CA 4 MM Neg
Skyline Grizzly Growl HS 2022-02-04 VLD R2 4 HN 7 LS Aff
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OLD R7 E EA H PS Aff Neg 2-1
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OLD R6 H CJ E EA Neg Neg 2-1
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OPF R5 E HR H RB Pro
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OPF R5 E SK AA DR Con
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 NLD R7 19 EO 7 JB Neg Neg 3-0
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 LD R3 4 BF 7 ES Neg
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 LD R3 17 AG 5 LS Aff
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 NLD R2 14 LM 18 AW Neg
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 NLD R2 3 DR 18 LC Neg
Rim2Rim HS 2021-12-10 PF R1 14 WS McKinlee Colson Aff
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